Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lovely Myu

how come I havent post anything about Myu in my blog I wonder?
Myu is my second doll I buy on 26 November 2012, two years ago
she is from Luts, and Kidlf Aru sculpt
I dont remember making her box opening also, probably because I think Box OP are boring?
Anyway. the history behind her and kind of something... when I order Nalika, I wait 2 years before I have the guts to buy her, searching more reference from owner photo and also because Nalika is more pricey.
I always want a second doll just because Nalika needs a company, also because Nalika refuse to wear anything girly and sweet .

that time Im eyeing for MnF Mirwen, I already got the fund, Im curious with Fairyland joints system, but I hate their face sculpt, so Im wavering should I buy or not..
and for a 1/4 size Minifee are so dang expensive...
Minifee Mirwen

then I stumble upon Asleep Eidolon Coral, she so pretty and cute, not mention cheap, I almost sure Im gonna buy Coral instead, I even already contact the seller...
but then I realize their body sculpt are not my cup of tea.. that and when I browse tru owner photo of coral, lots of them and (sorry) hideous, I never felt so cringe for a doll like that.
at first Im so in love with coral, and next I hate it so much

while browsing tru, some friends tell me about the LUTS event, you buys 1/4 dolls and you will get a shoe  for free! Im not familliar with LUTS, so Im check if there is any dolls I like.
than I saw Aru..
Im so in love I dont think straight and just click that check out button and buy here in a instant. LOL

and LUTS service are very fast! Im expecting she will be arive  3 moth or so like when Im waiting for Nalika.but she arive to me in just  for 2 weeks.. since then LUTS are my fave company after oasis doll

when she came, I really surprise how small she is compare to my Nalika, but then I really in love, 1/4 dollsize are easy to handle, they don't eat lots space, the size are just perfect to me.
and since Myu arrive, honestly Im kinda abandon Nalika, haha Nalika are so heavy!

I made her many cloth,wig, she have more shoe then Nalika, wow I really pamperd Myu. 

thank you for reading!