Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to Solve Problem with client?

Okey here is the problem, for more then ten moth I lost contact with my client via note on DA, the problem is, the client is haven't pay me none, so I cant start working the commission (although is been a half progress and the client knows it ) and even I already send note for asking the payment, the client never reply.

eniwey, yesterday after waiting for almost a year, I decide to send a note again, asking the commission status, threat the following client if refuses to pay I will tell all the people that this is just a scam and bla2.

than the client surprisingly noted me back with furious,the client are very mad, saying Im the one who never note, complain about how I behave, how I accused in a wrong and rude way bla2.. I surprise how the client react about my note.. and make me feel bad about it..

well the client also said that the payment already send half, and all this time that the client who always waiting my respond..


so I copied the last note I send, asking why there is no reply, I also send my paypal transaction, prove that is no payment during the time the client said that the payment has on the current date..

Im very regretful if the note that I send to the client earlier are rude and not polite in someways.. but I demand to have some explanation.

if the client already pay me, why there is no confirmation anyway?and why the client never reply after this long?

until now the client haven't reply to my note again even the client already read the note I send.. and I feel Im kinda paranoid.. +_+ I dun wanna ended up hurting others.. but right now..I think I feel kinda hurt to..

and the conclusion is..

how Im going to solve this problem if its hard to get a reply?
should I keep nagging the client for asking an explanation?

phew.. I hope this problem solve soon.. so I could gladly blacklisted the following client..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tutorial :how to draw chibi

okay this is chibi commission that I made for miss Ama , and as I promised to dear Sarah, I will show my chibi coloring technique.

in this tutorial I dont show what kinda brush I use, if you follow my others tutorial, you will realize I always use the same brush, just like I use for this one to.. XD, so I think it doesn't matter if I dont describe the brush, but I will try to explained this tut as much as I can.
for this tut you need a pen tablet and painter/photoshop program.
well then... here we go.. XD
just click the pic to get much bigger view

step 1

made a chibi sketch, this is my chibi proportion, look more tall that size deformed (SD),well yeah... because its chibi or child body.. XD
btw, the bigger the head, the cuter it gets.. but its just a matter of taste.. mine are not very big I think.. :D

step 2

after I ink the sketch, I block the whole colored area, with any kind of colour I want, than lock the layer options into transparancy, and randomly gave all the additional basic colors.

step 3

added the shading and lighting, looks very random yeah? well it is.. =_=a

step 4

add details, and of course the hair to, I always using big to small brush for adding the details, and if there is any lines or stroke that I didn't like, I just use blender to smooth it and it will look like gradation.. :D

step 5

see? its looking smooth rite? that is the power of blender on painter.. XD

step 6

making chibi dont look so hard is it? XD add the details and simple background all you want, and VIOLA! its all done..:)