Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hair tutorial

click it for more full size
Im sorry if its to small.. I cant uploaded more bigger than this >_>
you have to save it and use your photoshop or preview in your computer to look more bigger

Im just not to god in making tut..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Im just to damn lazy to finish it..
and actually its more of them from where its came from..
don't mention hundreds sketch I done in the past..
Its so wasting paper..
Im enemy for the tree

Thursday, November 13, 2008

its me again


remmember yesterday I try to upload sumthing??
it failed perfectly.. DAMMIT

now I try it again..
its early in the morning now...well not to early.. its about 8 o'clock.. and Im in the same internet cafe.. in here no body around beside me. and I hope the internet connection work a lil bit faster today.. I wont waste my time more than 1 hour I guess... >_> and I gotta do sumthing with the file.. maybe its to big??
argh..the huming sound of the PC made me nervous.. its to dam quiet here...


lets see how this gonna end.. shall we? :D

wow its all ready November??

Right now Im one the internet Caffe..
tryin to upload some commission work..
and godDAMMIT. I stuck here for almost three hours..WHYYY IS TAKES SO FREAKING LOOONG??
its three hours and I only mannage to uploud 48%?? WHAT THE HELL???
god it pissing me so bad!
I wish I dont have to pay for this.. I wish I dont have to be here.. I wish I could go home soon. geez.. My mother will freak out I guess. I should be in the way to doctor today. >_> bleeeeh

I skip out work for this.. ow man.. next time if I upload sumthing I should do it early in the morning.. its a promise..
GRAOOOW I HATE internet connection in here.. I hate internet connection in my office to.. I can upload anything there.. or even downloading.. internet conecton in indonesia are really2 suck!!
its raining outside. I could hear the thunder and lighting struck. and Im so HUNGRYYY

oh my gay.. what should I doooo
whuaaaahahaahahahahahha SHITTTTT
okay..kay.. be patient now..
while waitin'.. what I must supossed to do??

oh I know.. just go to ImagineFX in there so many tutorials that I could download.. its such a great place to hangout

its reminds me that I supossed to be at my house GROOMING with my pretty computer E-SnailE!! aghhh I miss her.. I wanna bang her.. *gezz hat a stupid word I use.. blahahhaa

after this.. I really2 gonna spoiled my self! I will buy some yummy food. and made myself really2 full

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. the uploading process now 50% left...

what I supposed to do? I got nothing left to write..

argh.. is this a bad day to me..????

hm.. I guess not..
not yet..