Monday, January 24, 2011

Feliane Sketch Commission

here is a step by step commission for dear Feliane.

the rough concept :

step by step

Friday, January 14, 2011

good morning.. :)

hello everyone..

its 4 in the morning.. and I haven't close my eyes to sleep...:D
well, maybe later after my morning prayers.. :)

you guys maybe thinking what the hell Im doing for stay up until late at night in front of my computer..
Im just finish sending some file work...its few hours ago.. but after dat Im not intend to sleep, I dont have any mood to finish my others works to.. so what the hell Im doing?

Im reading my old blog post an trying to discover what kinda person I am trough my writings...

and....after reading all that bunch of post...I realize
Im always feel busy and lazy,I complain a lot, Im a hard working and the only thing that stress me up in this world are work speed, I need some on to slap me or whip me so I can work faster..I loved to cook and take photo shot of my cooking and post it online.
my only interest in life is about draw and comic. its seems I have OCD with it..
I dont talk a lot about personal stuff. I only talk abut my goals and my dreams.

other than that, I have nuthing more.. Im a very simple person with a simple minded..

in others words..
Im a boring person..

drawing really save me.. its make me feel I have sumthing..
and Im special...

but not really..