Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hair tutorial

click it for more full size
Im sorry if its to small.. I cant uploaded more bigger than this >_>
you have to save it and use your photoshop or preview in your computer to look more bigger

Im just not to god in making tut..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Im just to damn lazy to finish it..
and actually its more of them from where its came from..
don't mention hundreds sketch I done in the past..
Its so wasting paper..
Im enemy for the tree

Thursday, November 13, 2008

its me again


remmember yesterday I try to upload sumthing??
it failed perfectly.. DAMMIT

now I try it again..
its early in the morning now...well not to early.. its about 8 o'clock.. and Im in the same internet cafe.. in here no body around beside me. and I hope the internet connection work a lil bit faster today.. I wont waste my time more than 1 hour I guess... >_> and I gotta do sumthing with the file.. maybe its to big??
argh..the huming sound of the PC made me nervous.. its to dam quiet here...


lets see how this gonna end.. shall we? :D

wow its all ready November??

Right now Im one the internet Caffe..
tryin to upload some commission work..
and godDAMMIT. I stuck here for almost three hours..WHYYY IS TAKES SO FREAKING LOOONG??
its three hours and I only mannage to uploud 48%?? WHAT THE HELL???
god it pissing me so bad!
I wish I dont have to pay for this.. I wish I dont have to be here.. I wish I could go home soon. geez.. My mother will freak out I guess. I should be in the way to doctor today. >_> bleeeeh

I skip out work for this.. ow man.. next time if I upload sumthing I should do it early in the morning.. its a promise..
GRAOOOW I HATE internet connection in here.. I hate internet connection in my office to.. I can upload anything there.. or even downloading.. internet conecton in indonesia are really2 suck!!
its raining outside. I could hear the thunder and lighting struck. and Im so HUNGRYYY

oh my gay.. what should I doooo
whuaaaahahaahahahahahha SHITTTTT
okay..kay.. be patient now..
while waitin'.. what I must supossed to do??

oh I know.. just go to ImagineFX in there so many tutorials that I could download.. its such a great place to hangout

its reminds me that I supossed to be at my house GROOMING with my pretty computer E-SnailE!! aghhh I miss her.. I wanna bang her.. *gezz hat a stupid word I use.. blahahhaa

after this.. I really2 gonna spoiled my self! I will buy some yummy food. and made myself really2 full

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. the uploading process now 50% left...

what I supposed to do? I got nothing left to write..

argh.. is this a bad day to me..????

hm.. I guess not..
not yet..


Sunday, October 5, 2008


got flu because of you
can stop thinking of you,,

phewwww >_>

need to do list :
finishing the commission:
-for Jun Irutia land of dreams
-for Cav, panic at the disco
finish the request:
-for Chris Dog/puppies/furry?
-for kris Bunga traditional art
Finish my freaking painting:
Finish my Comic:
- Kei

i promise my self to made one comic a day.. gosh.. its so hard to keep your promise.. eh

I end up.. drawing digital almost everyday..
har..har.. I guess Im addicted to E-snailE

Thursday, September 18, 2008


yeah.. just throw up reading my very unfunny gag about my daily life..

and there's MORE
enjoy my friend

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Future May Hold

Its almost a year I join petshopbox studio
Im kinda sort of enjoy working there.. I cant enjoy it 100% cos sumthing bugging me really hard..

well becouse Im working in petshop I dont have time to making comics for my self!!
at first.. Im so happy I could finish My collage, I thought after that I could have fun with my self and start making comics and becoming a comics artist just like I planned to be..
well yeah Im having fun.. but miss the making comics part..
its been like more that 5 years since the last time I publish my own comic, it going to far!
I cant let this happend any moar!!

I gotta start making comics even if it risk my own live!!

urgh.. is that possible?for a lazy ass like me.. hehehe
I always remember the old days when Im so ambitious and so full spirited to making comics
maybe Im just getting to old..

this is not a reason ne?

well Okay.. I promise!
I will:

-finish the comics for Elex publisher
-start making comics for My indie project
-at least one day, I gotta made one page comics or gag

damn! I hope I could keep My promise
God please help me


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Archie The RedCat Addicted Sydrom

narciss in action

yeah its me.. and actually I made it for my drilling thing..
100 Driil is my practice program inspired by my brother.. the achievement is to made 100 picture to improve my skill
I choose to draw realistic.. because you see its my weakness..

and that pic is my 12 drill, imagen how bad I am when the first drill I made.. ugh.. >_>
its such along way to go.. but its not impossible rite?
I will try my best! >_<


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Guys Im not a spy
Im not a guy with the longest tie.
Im the tiniest car
Im a little bee..
Im a tiny guitar
Im anoying flee
Im A hey..hey..hey..

Guys Im not a spy.
maybe my eyes tell another lie
but Im not that flick.. to my story in mind
tell a little to you tell a little to me.. Im a hey..hey..hey
just look at me.. and you can see
just look at me Im a hey..hey.heyy


watching the sky while listening to Jalu voice and his unik and enchanted song..
god dammit i like all his song a lot!!
Im a very big fans..
but when I meet the person himself..
my knee start to shakin.. and I cant say a word..
I just stare at him..

alone in the corner...

well guys.. Im not a spy.. Im just a stalker..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hitori is my Original character
I made him first time for my assignment at collage, I have to made some children art book with my own original stories. Hitori is somewhat a sad story.. its about a little boy name Hitori, he cant grow old nor die, so he will live alone for the rest of his live.. the name Hitori means Alone.
for the assignment, Im the only student at that time who got A+ score \(^w^)/
and again at year 2005 I made Hitori become 8 pages comic, its for comic contest entries. it didn't win tough >_>
but Hitori will remain my favorite
here the complete list of Hitori comics writen in indonesia languge.. and I dont give a damn about the editing part.. sorry :D Im just to lazy.. hahahaha
maybe sumday I will post his children story to..

Thursday, August 14, 2008


23 august 2008 I brought my own computer for the first time.. yipiii now I have my own computer..
all this time I always dogging learning digital art because I don't have ay PC at my house..
now I can learn digital art as much as I can.. as long as I wanted to...

ain't that fun or what?

but the problem is... now I cant use my time very well. Im suck at schedule my own busy activity..
oh my gay.. so much work to do.. so many things I want to do..
I wanna draw manual and digital in the same time..
Im confuseeeee


I think Im gonna go faint now..

Thursday, July 17, 2008


do you like Ecchi? do you know what ecchi means? to me Ecchi means pervert.. its not the same like porn.. :p
you can see the meanings of ecchi in here

I like Ecchi.. some how its makes me giggle a lot.. :P

ouh.. what happened if my mom found out about this..
ssshtt.. do not tell her okay? cos I just a lil' kitten that trying to express its felling.. hihihih

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


geez.. Im so lame with Blog..
I want to write everything.. want to tell everything, feels my brain gonna explode or sumthing.. haha.. but Im just to lazy to type the words.. blehehe

okay.. I try to be more serious next time...
but not this time.. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its raining again

Bandung.. my beloved city..

now almost everyday the rain falling down..
I actually loved the rain.. when Im at home.. staring at the window watching the raindrops pouring on the windows glasses and sumtimes thunders and lighting struck.. and Im a little bit shocked.. and than giggle a bit because it so amusing..
I like the rain coz it make me feel solitude, some how I feel isolated.. to the out side world.. its only me against the sound of raindrops

I like rain cos its fell so cold and I will be shivering. cuddle up in my bed under my warm and tender blanket.. I will sleep all day long.. while listening to the sound when the mother nature cried

I like the rain..
the rain gave me peaceful feeling

I like the rain..
because of the rain never stop.. flood disaster everywhere..
and not only that.. disease like cold and flu goes everywhere..

almost all my friend got sick..
and I fell so sad

yesterday I walking slowly under the rain... I want to fell the rain pouring down on me..
hm.. well yesterday Im in sorta melancholic mood.. so I decide to get wet under the rain.. :d
felling freely like when I as a kitten and dancing under the rain..

but the days afterward.. I got a migraine..
I cant focus in anything.. I skip out work.. I dont do My comics.. I dont do nothing right..
I wasting my time because my head feel so hurt..
I hate it..

but even tough this migraine killing me softly.. and makin me wasting my time here..
I still loved the rain..

you know what..
I think I wanted to walk under the rain again..

but not today.. :P

Friday, March 14, 2008

wuanjeeeer RUNGSING pisaaaan!!!

I wanna bang my head to the wall.. I wanna bang my head to the wall

somebody pleasee shoot my head!!
I fell so damn tired! I feel so drained.. Im tired.. Im tiredddd like almost past out.. like my soul is been taking out from my body..
so much to do.. so little time to spent..
Ow God what have I done..
and why. even so desperateI am felling so tired like this, some how I like it a lot.. blah.!!

raise your head up! stand strong! wake up! wake Up! no time to complain! nothing can put me down!!


:)) the hell ..
Ready steady go! FIGHTOOOOOOO!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pervert Lil' Bastard

Pervert to the bone..

that what my aniki tough about me once.. (he even made a comic strip about it.. XD )
my colleague said Im maniac.. and my best friend call me with nick names like sukebe-chan (sukebe = pervert) or Prof. Sukebe

but I guess I pervert in a cute way.. (gyahahaha.. I dont think anyone said pervert is cute beside my self)
well because I think.. all my pervie thing is just a joke.. I dont really meant it.. I mean.. I dont do pervert stuff to others or to my self.. ^^; I just pervert in what I said and pervert when Im making some comic or tell some ideas..

but sumtimes I fell that Im so damn pervert.. is it because Im to honest? because I say what Im thinking just like that? because its just the way I am?

believe me.. I am pervert.. but not in the bad way..
Im still that cute lil' kitten that you want to hug and cuddle.. :P

hey did I allready tell you that Im honest? * LoL*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yaoi.. everybody?

This is My fan-art of Sasuke and Naruto.. this images is contains Yaoi alert

do you know what Yaoi is?
Yaoi is a term to describe male to male relationship (gay) in anime and manga..
you can see here for the details

Im a manga artist.. I dont mind with yaoi for arts excuses.. in fact.. I enjoying shonen-ai( more soft than Yaoi, just a bond between male to male relationship and not included sex like Yaoi).. and many times Im having fun drawing shonen-ai..

well do you know Y-gallery
Im trying to having account there.. so I can draw BL (boys love) as much as I wanted to, and not have to worried being banned..
but guess what..
I've been banned.. ..twice.. >_<;

and both of them is becouse my age.. they think Im still a minor!! what the hell!?!
well yeah in my Deviant art Gallery I tell everyone Im 15 forever.. but thats doesn't mean Im 15 right?? Im just stuck in that age forever.. ^^; thats all...

can you believe me if I said Im still 15 year old? hah? do ya? do ya? do yaaa??
(you will if you meet me in person ;P )

uuugh that Y-admin making me feel so upset.. X( *slap-slap-slap*

I know a part off this problem is because my fault.. but hell!! come on? gimme a break will ya.. being banned twice/ thats is just to much!
or maybe God just protect me and will not let me active in such community.. God protect me from became a real sinner..
God protect me for being a Gay perfectly.. ^_^;

ah.. whatever... I just hope this problem will end soon.. so I could continue doing sin.. and fulfill my lust wahahahahahaha

*drop dead and go to hell*

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Name is...

My Name Is... Archie The RedCat..

nooope of course not.. could some one have that kinda name for a real name?? :D

But Archie The RedCat is the name I always use to introduce my self.. and a lot people known me as Archie The RedCat to, only people close to me who know my real name.. and they are not plenty,, or they even call me Archie.. so sumtime I just forgot my real name.. ^_^;

how could I end up with this name anyway? well its started when Im still at junior high school .. someone accidently call me with names, I forgot who is the person is but that person call me with Ucing Bereum names

Ucing Bereum means Red Cat in my mother langguage Sundanesee. he call me like that because he said I look like a Cat.. and always dress up in red. Im identical with Cat, and Red.. I kinda liked the way he call me.. so I dont mind.. I even feel that is my true identity.. :)

Cat is my favorite animal among all, I even kinda obsesed with Cat.. well you know how person who obsesed with Cat.. since Im just a kitten.. I grow with Cat. I talk Cat langguage, I play with cat.. I imittate Cat.. and I look like cat..
Im a Cat in Red.. because I obsesed with red colour.. a color that resemblance with my own blood.. its a beutifull color.. and also powerful
most of the time I cant take my eyes from anything colored Red.. If I wanted to, I could dress up red from top to bottom everyday (but luckily I still have brain and dont do such thing) my t-shirt is red, my shoe and slipper is red, my backpack is red,accessories etc..etc.. are all red.. sumtimes Im so sick and tired with all red color.. but funny how I cant ignore it and keep obsessed with red.. Well.. the color red flow in my body after all :D

and Since Im in Junior High.. I always wanted to be a comic artist.. I want to be famous for making great comics. I all ready decide that.. so I gotta be ready.. I have to decide what names I have to use.. an alias, undercover name to keep out the fans from my personal lives.. a name to make me more famous and makes me unique.. a name that easy to be remember.. its just like a trade mark or a symbol.. an Icon to describe my self

I used Ucing Bereum name.. its quite unique right.. there no cats in this world have a red fur.. so I decide its gonna be my name.. but wait.. something is not right.. Ucing Bereum.. hh.. only sundanesee people who know what its mean.. so its still not perfect.. I need a name who make all the people in this world understand.. coz I wanted to be famous not only in Bandung.. but famous around the world.. XD

so I use English,the most language people use in this world..
yep thats right.. just call me RedCat than.. woo thats sound cool.. but its not enough.. I still dont feel satisfied.. RedCat.. is to long for me.. so I just use the initial.. its became R.C.. RC (pronounce Arsi.. and sound resemblance to Archie), eureka!! I've got it!! from that day.. my name will be Archie The RedCat.. dozo yoroshiku onegai simasu... XD

after that Im using it as my pen-name, when I join a comic contest, publishing my comic in the magazine.. publishing my comic debut.. etc.. etc..
its still a long way to be a famous.. such a long.. long road.. but Im getting closer to it.. Im not the same cat like when Im still a kitten.. at least now.. lotsa people know me exist in this world..

some one knows.. thats in this world there's a talented and jenius brat called Archie the RedCat.. waiting to be more and more famous each day..

wakakaka XD so grosss.. Im a narcism so I said that to my self.. sorry.. its okay.. I dont mind you guys puke reading how Im to over confidence..

see ya later alligator!!