Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi

Finally, I have some time to Update my blog..
while Im waiting the epic lame time to send the e-mail to the editor,its almost 2 o'clock in the morning, and I dont have enough sleep.. >_>;

well I wanted to talk about the Black tea Party Anthology that I made with the girls who are very kindly invited me into the circle..

so, at Tuesday 21 july, I go to the animonster magazine office, just to meet with Bayou, because she is working there, I go to see her to get the copies of the doujinshi I made.

and after so long waiting,I finally touch the book by my self, and amaze with how luxury the print quality is, for only 20$.. geez, that's quite cheap, thinking it contain hundreds of page, and the paper are very thick.. 0_0 woow no wonder it sold out on the convention only in 4 hours.. Im amazed ladies, Im amazed..

cover made and paint by Brilcrist

photographs and the properties are made and belong to Misakichi

and I like the book a lot!and I feel so happy the girls invited me..(so I have the copies of my own for free hahahha..:)
I have a personal opinion about the story inside the dounjinshi,but I will keep it for my self because I wont give you guys any spoiler.. hahhaha..

My doujinshi page teaser


Monday, July 13, 2009


yes its blueberry, not Blackberry, that weird cellphone that been invading my country and I dunno the reason why.. (God its very expensive.. o_0)

do you know that berries family have so many antioxidant that are very healthy for our body? serving blueberries in our dish have more of the antioxidant power to fight aging, cancer, and heart disease.

but its hard to find blueberry in Indonesia, especially to find the fresh one, but Im lucky yesterday I found it on the market,its already became a blueberry jam but its okay.. :D I plan to eat it in my oatmeal,but earlier I wondering what should I eat for lunch, I still have some egg, and also still have a wheat, and a milk. so I put the oatmeal later and decide to made a pancake because its super easy...(its more easy than made and oatmeal, cooking oatmeal are very boring.. >_>)

I dont made the pancake have fancy serving like I usually does to my food, but I still take a picture of it.. :D


here in case you wanted to try the recipe (I dont use grams to precise the amount, because I just cook basic on my feeling.. ^^; )

1 tea cup of milk
1 tea cup of wheat flour
1 egg
1 tea spoon of honey (in case you wanted it to be super sweet, becouse the blueberry jam already sweet)

mixed up in the all the ingredient

pour it into a frying pan.. :) in a small fire please, just wait until it half cook

than, I spread the blueberry jam, put some melting cheese that already cut really2 small, I folded the pancake.. and let it cook a bit..and its done, its easy,its fast and supeeer delicious..
yummm the sensation when the blueberry and the cheese melting together in my mouth..


btw, right now, I cant open my facebook, my Deviantart, and my multiply.. its worsen than yesterday.. >_>;


Im trying to working one of the commission, and planing to finish it, and send it to the client as soon as possible, I hope the internet dont mes up with meh.. :(
and I cant open my paypal to,,,,


Sunday, July 12, 2009

HELP!!! Low internet connection

since yesterday, 12 July 2009, I cant get proper aces to my deviantart, Facebook,photobucket,Multiply nor my other website..
the internet connection are very..very low I cant get to anything..and this is kinda frustrating, I only manage to open my Google account, they are work properly, I could use my Yahoo Messenger to (sumtimes) but not other internet connection.

My friend from the yahoo Messenger (from Indonesia), tell me he experience the same thing, and when I checking out my friend status bar, they are all upset because the internet connection are suck..

not only this is frustrating, but what happen to my job??? I've got a deadline today for one of my commissioner and I already promise to finish the pic now.. but I cant upload anything to DA.. *A*

huks.. hiks.. its so terrible sloooooow.. I know that I have plenty of notes on DA that waiting for me.. but I cant get to them..>_< I think the best way for me now is to wait..*sigh
GOD! why Indonesia having stupid connection like this?? why... oh whyyyyy

and the problem is.. HOW could I notify all My client about this problem.. argh..argh..

Friday, July 10, 2009

July, current project

project for this month and all have to be done in end of July,2009

-draft/sketch of L.U.V comic, 200 pages
-4 commission, break down; one simple color commission,14 pages of comic commission(the comics are for three different person )
-sending the high res file for the board game Singapore, fix messed up part here and there so it look more fancy (they said there is no revision, ameen! )
-still waiting layout revision from Erlanga publisher, if the review is done, will start the sketch and ink progress. phew Im gonna get busy..=_=;
- musti,wajib,harus,kudu,bikin NPWP.. hareh geneh gak punya nomer pajak?? apa kate dunia... *lol*
-joining some money prizes contest? (do i still have the time? *A* )

did I miss sumthing?? hm?? its feel like it.. I hope I remember sooner..

gambatte ne Archieeee!!!

Cover design part two

wihiiiiw *roll over*

finally its done.. this is the cover that I send to the editor.. I dunno if the editor like it or not, I just send the email today.. and maybe will get the answer in Monday.. ^^; *pray*

my personal opinion is, its look much better from the previous, its fresh, its funny, and most of all, I like the font and the pink thingy doesn't look eww..
but that's is my personal opinion.. ^_^.. how bout yours?
the previous cover is made in photoshop, and took me so freaking long time.. and its just hit me.. why the hell I dont use Painter x instead, its more friendly user, and I like painter better.. *doh..

and its finish in no time, with much..much..much.. better result.. :D (i think)
so here you go, C&C are very welcome.. ^^


Thursday, July 9, 2009


my ex have new lover.. and even we broke up for a long time..
still its feels so damn hurt..and jealous.. and envy.. and any others bad feelings that struggling in my heart..made my throat kinda feel choked..

and even I already found a new lover to, but still those 4 years in the past with my ex are memories that I just cant get over it easily..
even if rite now Im in love sooo much with my new lover, and the person that are beside me now its such a sweet and caring person.. who dont care how bad person I am.. who willing to take me as I am.. (not to mention a great lover and partner to.. :P )

but I dunno..
its feel sum thing is missing.. there is a hole in my heart and I just realize it now..

well I have to get over it sooner or later, what past is past.. now I have to concentrate to my work..

work RC, work!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


the editor ask me to design some cover for the comic promotion, i used to made the comic cover always in the end of the project..
but because its for promotion, I gotta do it sooner.. =_=;

I have no idea what Im going to do for the cover, like today I just wasting my time thinking about ideas, the colors, the layout, the font until my back are hurt.. and GOD!
event its look cute, but I really really really really really really really HATE the result.. its look to.. I dunno, to cheesy? to girly ?to childish? to sweet.. eww

I know what Im going to write is a shojo manga.. but after a long long time, not dealing with this stuff.. I dunno,, its feel so ewww.. hahhaha

argh.. Im not satisfied with this pic, even if this pic took me so freaking hours..0_o;
I hope tomorrow I could done some cover, and much more great than this one.. I dont wanted to make lame cover.. I want to make its GREAT..

*gezzz the font really make me wanted to puke.. I gotta go to dafont.. and hunt some great font there, and not just writing stupit letters with tablet like thiz..

Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Edit Sketch with Photoshop

this is Fantasy Sketch Tutorial.. :) so many step, but its all are simple and easy, I hope this tut will help.. :D

first, this is the sketch that I already scan and put it into potoshop, the yellow/orange lines are the layout that I made with coloured pencil before I started the sketch. the file are made into RGB mode.

type ctrl+l (level command) this is to make the line from the pencil more black, and the grey tones, turn into more withe, because the scanner result dont catch the whole lines, the level command make the lines become more visible and strong.

type ctrl+ U this is hue/saturation command, turn he saturation into -100,I use this so the yellow/orange from color pencil became grey.

type ctrl+b, into the pencil mode, and with white colours, I clean the grey area that I dont wanted to be on the pic.

after I clean up everything, this is the result

the pic is on the background layer, and its locked, to change it, I simply copy the background into 'background copy', throw away the background, and make another one by copy the 'background copy', into 'background copy 2'.

I change the layer 'background copy 2'. who are on top layer 'background copy'. into Gaussian blur.

the layer 'background copy 2' who are now became blur,I change it into screen mode, and adjust the opacity.

on top layer layer 'background copy 2' 2' I add another layer (layer one) change it into overlay mode and put so many colours in 'layer 1' as I like with big round soft airbrush ^_^..

I found some nice texture , drag it to the pic

the texture layer (layer 2) are placed in the bottom layer, and I change the layer 'background copy' into overlay mode. change the 'layer2' opacity, so the colour not that strong, and the pic merge nicely with the texture..

and its all done. :D

the sketch : step by step

the Result

Fantasy Sketch

scribble around with sketch.. start with design the layout and thinking what should I put on the paper.. dont have any concept.. just draw it while having fun with papper and pencil.. :D

this is the step

the tutorial

the Result


diterimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa arghhhhhhh..!!!!!

the editor accept my comic! Im so happy I wanted to roll over..

*seing the list of my current job


what Im supposed to dooo?? what Im supposed to dooo?? *panic-panic-panic*

got dammit! my hand are shaking while I typed this..

ya Allah yang maha besar, ya Rob.. bantu hamba mu menjalankan tanggung jawab ini.. jangan biarkan hamba mu me please in every step..

this is hard responsibility.. and Im over reacted to..
Im so happy!
Alhamdulillah.. and so freaking scared in the same time..


noh dont die! there is no time to die!!!
*slap my self again!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

om nom nom nom

* okay Archie.. that's enough.. lets go back to work shall we..?

- but..but.. its sunday..

* yeah but you keep on delaying your work.. and that's makes you have to go to work even if this is a sunday.. now stop doodling around and go to work! *whip

Saturday, July 4, 2009

blaber mouth

lagi pengen pake bahasa indonesia.. :(

I like to cook.. padahal gw orangnyah praktisan dan nggak suka sama yang repot2..
tapi gw doyan masak.. apalagi kalo hasilnyah enak dan bikin ketagihan sampe badan inih akhirnyah membulat.. :D

sebel banget deh liat iklan2 sekarang, cereal instant, mi instant, susu instant,bubur instan, nasi instant..
huaaaah kenapa serba instant gituh??

belom lagi kecap yang pake penyedap rasa, minuman berpengawaet, terus kalo bumbu masakan nggak pake bumbu penyedap, macam royco, masako , dan kawan2nyah ituh, kayaknyah nggak apdol deh..

pantesan ajah bayak mutan sekarang.. manusia makin aneh, otaknyah maupun badannyah.. coba lihat angka bayi cacat yang lahir jaman sekarang dengan jaman dulu??

sekarang manusia banyak yang g keberatan mengkonsumsi makanan racun tiap hari.. hanya dengan alasan lebih praktis.. bleeh

kalo makan diluar (dicafe, warteg, dll) kadang suka pusing sendiri.. rasanyah ituh looh bumbu penyedapnyah kebanyakan.. @_@; dari kecil.. karena orang tua pegawai kesehatan. makan dirumah nggak pernah pake bumbu penyedap.. makanyah lidah gw terbiasa ama makanan bebas peyedap.. jadi sensitip banget ama MSG.. kalo makan MSG kebanyakan suka berasa pusing dan pengin muntah..
makanyah gw suka masak sendiri, dibandingkan jajan diluar.. pertama,hemat duit, kedua bisa milih2 bahan dan bumbu apa ajah yang dimasuki ke dalam makanan, ketiga bisa eksperimen dan berkarya, keempat bisa ngelatih banyak skill, sense, kesabaran, ketekunan, dan kebersihan..

they says cooking its an art.. I agree 100%.. gw menikmati merubah makanan,mencampur aduknyah suka2. dan jreng.. tiba2 jadi makanan yang rasanyah enak..

but,gw bukan ahli masak.. sering kali masakan gagal, meskipun masih layak santap.. tapi kadang2 ada juga yang beneran ancur sampe harus berakhir di tong sampah..;_;hiks

but fear not! its wont stop me from cooking..setidaknyah.. nanti kalo gw punya anak, gw bisa masakin buat tu anak2 masakan bebas pecin, just like my mom did, and I could made so many healthy and delicious food for my children the future.. is that great dreams or what?

sedih banget liat seseorang yang tiap hari makan mie buat survive, kalo gak cuman ceplok ndog, ato nasi goreng masako.. hiksss pantesan kamu kurus ajah sayang..pengen de tiap hari masakin buat kamu sampe kamu membulat juga dan sehat berseri2.. makanan sehat dan enak kaga perlu mahal2.. keluarga tempe dan tahu, sehat luar bisa dan rasanyah enak kalo mengolahnya tepat.. daging ayam dan ikan, lebih murah dan sehat dibanding daging..

kalo ngak punya duit dan pengen hemat, ambil ajah kaldunyah dan potong kecil2 buat jadi pendamping masakan sayur ato sop..

I like to cook.. tapi gw pengen orang2 juga like to cook, come ooon its not that hard,kalo ngak terbiasa gimana bakalan bisa?
gw pengen kamu juga bisa masak, setidaknyah bisa lebih bertanggung jawab sama apa yang masuk kedalam tubuh kamu, kalo bisa masak.. nggak usah makan mie instan tiap hari.. kan jelek atuh... nggak sehat.. sumber segala penyakit..
waaaaaaaaaaaaah inih curhat paling nggak jelas seumur-umur..

*roll over on the floor.. jump... and fly to the invinityyyy

**btw.. kameranyah dipake ama adik.. jadi nggak bisa poto2 makanan lagih..
huks.. huks.. padahal kemarin bikin salad, terus fruty oatmeal.. servingnyah didandanin lucu.. *A*.. uhuks.. sayang gak dipoto..

nying bencong banget seh gw..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my high protein lunch..

this is all because that animation movie by pixar that I seen recently.. "ratatouille"
I decide to made my food serving look much much better.. and since I have a pocket camera. I cant restrain my self to take picture of it..

all the food are made by my self, and its very2 simple and easy.. cooking is like art, so I enjoy it so much.. :D

this is smoked beef egg..

ingredients :
2 slice smoked beef
1 egg
onion (as you like)
paprika/cabe merah dikeluarin bijinyah ) as you like
quick melt cheese/mozzarella (as you like)
tomatoes (as you like )
vegetable oils/butter

tomato sauce,
chili sauce

how to cook:

-put the vegetable oil,(one tea spoon)wait until its hot, than put the 2 sliced smoked beef (remember the fire should be small dont over heat ) while waiting for the smoked beef, stir up the onion, tomatoes,and paprika until its smell good.(in the same frying pan because its huge.. :D lotsa place to cover.. )
-put the vegetable in on top of the smoked beef with spoon..
-cover it with raw egg.
- on top the egg we put another smoked beef.
(so its like smoked beef sandwich with the egg and vegetable inside )

because i like it medium, its doesn't take to long to cook, I like it when I cut this smoked beef egg,and the hot liquid yellow egg coming out from the each side.. uuum yumieeeh

for the sauce, just mix the tomato sauce, the mayonnaise and chili sauce as you like.. put it on top the smoked beef egg..

and viola! its ready to serve! :)

My lovely Breakfast

tsukurimashoooou tsukurimashouuu sate..sate nani ga dekiru kana....

haiii dekimimashita..

because Im bored and and lazy lately, I put my interest in sumthing else.. cook.. yes.. I loved to eat a lot, so eventually I have to know how to cook..(if I dont wanted to end starving or dump my self in junk food restaurant.. )

today my experiment is on bread.. its a brown bread, dipped in milk, stir up in saucepan with a lil fire/heat, add a bit honey and apple juice.. until the liquid(milk and apple juice become creamy /mengental/ sa'at basa sunda na mah)

if you dont have any brown bread, use the edge of the bread that kids usually hate..

the result of this meal is.. its soft and tender,its melting in your mouth, its creamy, its sweet but the apple juice flavor make its have fresh taste..(manis-manis, dikit asem gimanaaaaa gituh.. dan yang pasti sih harum apel.. :D )

well its delicious, and most of all.. so freaking easy to made! only take 5-10 min or so.. :D

btw, this also could be a snack at night if you wanted to, just replace the apple juice with ginger,, its warm snack at night with highly protein and fat.. *lol

care to try?

Black and white practice..

decide to practice basic coloring because i still dont get the theory of coloring.. all this time always rely on my instinct..>_> stupid I know.. I will try to study.. and post will be updated gradually.. (I think )