Monday, July 13, 2009


yes its blueberry, not Blackberry, that weird cellphone that been invading my country and I dunno the reason why.. (God its very expensive.. o_0)

do you know that berries family have so many antioxidant that are very healthy for our body? serving blueberries in our dish have more of the antioxidant power to fight aging, cancer, and heart disease.

but its hard to find blueberry in Indonesia, especially to find the fresh one, but Im lucky yesterday I found it on the market,its already became a blueberry jam but its okay.. :D I plan to eat it in my oatmeal,but earlier I wondering what should I eat for lunch, I still have some egg, and also still have a wheat, and a milk. so I put the oatmeal later and decide to made a pancake because its super easy...(its more easy than made and oatmeal, cooking oatmeal are very boring.. >_>)

I dont made the pancake have fancy serving like I usually does to my food, but I still take a picture of it.. :D


here in case you wanted to try the recipe (I dont use grams to precise the amount, because I just cook basic on my feeling.. ^^; )

1 tea cup of milk
1 tea cup of wheat flour
1 egg
1 tea spoon of honey (in case you wanted it to be super sweet, becouse the blueberry jam already sweet)

mixed up in the all the ingredient

pour it into a frying pan.. :) in a small fire please, just wait until it half cook

than, I spread the blueberry jam, put some melting cheese that already cut really2 small, I folded the pancake.. and let it cook a bit..and its done, its easy,its fast and supeeer delicious..
yummm the sensation when the blueberry and the cheese melting together in my mouth..


btw, right now, I cant open my facebook, my Deviantart, and my multiply.. its worsen than yesterday.. >_>;


Im trying to working one of the commission, and planing to finish it, and send it to the client as soon as possible, I hope the internet dont mes up with meh.. :(
and I cant open my paypal to,,,,



Anonymous said...

<3 i LOVE blueberry pancakes! but there's a berry farm near where i live, so i get the blueberries in 1kg packs and freeze them! but i add mine to the pancake mix before cooking, and then just add butter to eat ^_^

but yours look yummier o_o how do you get them so thin??

oh oh!! hey have you tried a berry brulee before?? it's kinda like a jam - you get jam and you heat it up in a saucepan until the jam becomes clear and shiny, then you add the berries until they become just juicy and hot. take out, and pour over your pancakes/cakes/icecream :3 you can use strawberries or whatever you want in it - even bits of fresh fruit!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

hm.. that's weird, I always have thin pancakes..(I dont use baking powder) and the fry pan I use are very wide.. so I will have thin and big pancake :D
sumtimes I try to make them more fat with using lotsa wheat.. but I dont like the taste of it.. its to chunky..and taste like raw bread.. ^^; this pancake of mine tasted more like crepes, but more soft when you bite it.

wohoow berry brulee sound yumiie I never try it before, I always use melted chocolate,honey or ice cream for my pancake topping

this is the first time I use jam.. :)
and they became melted inside because its hot..*lol so its feel like syrup

and Im so jealous you could get fresh berries.. and our house near the farm must be very lovely

Anonymous said...

uggggh i feel so sick now arch #_# you made me want pancakes, so i made choc-chip ones for tea...

ahhH! i use a smaller frypan for mine, that must be why they're thicker :3 i like to cook them until they're crispy on the outside <3

yeah there's a lot of fresh stuff around - i know a lot of farmers, so i can get fresh strawberries and peaches and stuff like that when it's the right season XD although this is mostly a wheat growing area :3 it is pretty though!