Sunday, July 12, 2009

HELP!!! Low internet connection

since yesterday, 12 July 2009, I cant get proper aces to my deviantart, Facebook,photobucket,Multiply nor my other website..
the internet connection are very..very low I cant get to anything..and this is kinda frustrating, I only manage to open my Google account, they are work properly, I could use my Yahoo Messenger to (sumtimes) but not other internet connection.

My friend from the yahoo Messenger (from Indonesia), tell me he experience the same thing, and when I checking out my friend status bar, they are all upset because the internet connection are suck..

not only this is frustrating, but what happen to my job??? I've got a deadline today for one of my commissioner and I already promise to finish the pic now.. but I cant upload anything to DA.. *A*

huks.. hiks.. its so terrible sloooooow.. I know that I have plenty of notes on DA that waiting for me.. but I cant get to them..>_< I think the best way for me now is to wait..*sigh
GOD! why Indonesia having stupid connection like this?? why... oh whyyyyy

and the problem is.. HOW could I notify all My client about this problem.. argh..argh..


Archie-The-RedCat said...

thank god.. I can aces to my DA now..

after so many hours of waiting.. but lucky now I can keep my promise to my client.. yipiiiw

Anonymous said...

arch, if it ever happens again, send me an email with the people name's in them and i can let them know what's happening for you.

as for the slow net, how long has it been?? it could be the telephone lines, or it could be maintenance on the server, or it could be too many people online so the server can't cope?

Archie-The-RedCat said...

I dunno whats is going on Celeste,this hours right now when I write this message, it supposed to be are the fastest hours for me (it usually does.. )

but right now, I cant get to my DA, my multiply or my any other web.. >_>;it never happen before,its start since yesterday.. maybe the server are having recovery or sumthing..
I just have to wait.. maybe it will be back to normal in few hour .. =_=;

Anonymous said...

if it takes too long - contact the internet people, they can tell you if it's a problem they're having, or one to do with phone lines :) sometimes water damage to phone lines can cause this kinda problem :hug: