Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My lovely Breakfast

tsukurimashoooou tsukurimashouuu sate..sate nani ga dekiru kana....

haiii dekimimashita..

because Im bored and and lazy lately, I put my interest in sumthing else.. cook.. yes.. I loved to eat a lot, so eventually I have to know how to cook..(if I dont wanted to end starving or dump my self in junk food restaurant.. )

today my experiment is on bread.. its a brown bread, dipped in milk, stir up in saucepan with a lil fire/heat, add a bit honey and apple juice.. until the liquid(milk and apple juice become creamy /mengental/ sa'at basa sunda na mah)

if you dont have any brown bread, use the edge of the bread that kids usually hate..

the result of this meal is.. its soft and tender,its melting in your mouth, its creamy, its sweet but the apple juice flavor make its have fresh taste..(manis-manis, dikit asem gimanaaaaa gituh.. dan yang pasti sih harum apel.. :D )

well its delicious, and most of all.. so freaking easy to made! only take 5-10 min or so.. :D

btw, this also could be a snack at night if you wanted to, just replace the apple juice with ginger,, its warm snack at night with highly protein and fat.. *lol

care to try?


celeste84 said...

:O isn't that bread and butter pudding?? it's so yummy!! ahhh you've made me wanna start cooking more fancy stuff now LOL

Archie-The-RedCat said...

well that lets start to cook... make your food look pretty is kinda exciting..
but kinda feel bad when eating it.. hahaha

celeste84 said...

i know!! i hate it when i draw something really cute like a monkey on my chocolate lattes, cuz then i can't bear to eat him D:

Archie-The-RedCat said...

yup..yup its true.. but that's why pocket camera come in handy..
:D Im bored with people faces I have new hobby to take photo of my food.. hahaha