Saturday, March 31, 2012

Melak Bentang

After  I've  got all that pretty Stuff From Celeste. and also after I'm having a birthday,
I decide that I will using my watercolor skill more often..
if I can, I will try to do it once a week.
This time because yesterday I'm having a birthday, so I want to draw myself trying to catch a star.

why? because I want someday I could be able to catch my dream.
I wanna go aboard with my comic. :D  so somehow this Picture are my prayers to God.
Im drawing and pray in the same time. *///*
now shall we start!

my tools of trade :D, and that Sketch book is one that Celeste gave me.

first of all of course I made the sketch with my pecil.

the paper are very lovely :) its thick and not wringkles like watercolor I used before, Im so happy!

almost done..

this is the final result.

I move it to my computer and edit the colors and the star. It make the pic prettier :D

Wish me luck Guys, I hope someday my dreams will be coming true, when Its coming true, Im gonna draw myself with a star.. LOL

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Treasure Box From a Friend.

Today I just back from Post office to retrieve a packet from a friend. 
My dear Friend Celeste just send me a Packet from Australia to Indonesia. 

Usually if Ces send me a packet its go straight to my house, but today its kinda different, Im surprised and worried. the post office ask me to take it at the Mail processing Office. 
because its the first time, I ask my friend about it, some of them said something that make me worried, so I gotta take it back the Packet before anything bad happens. 

I manage to get the packet save and smooth, and here is the stuff that inside of the packet, its so plenty! I made my lil' sister got jelous with what I got, and some of the things make me roll over on the floor with joy! take a look! 

Here all the stuff inside the Packet, its so heavy! O///O

Its  for ACEO cards, Ces gave me lots of them, I still dunno how to use it tough. =_=a

Hand Cream to protect my artist hand, Lol,  Omu will get this to, and I also give one to my sister because she really-really want one... haha , I just try it and its great, I also like the smell :)!

its Pencil! woooh so much treasure for someone like me, also mY sister get to have one the Bunny technical pen XD

Citronella oil to fight against mosquitoes, and sandalwood oil aromatherapy, also that is a paper puncher to makes shape from paper, so cute, i will using that to make kawaii bento someday!

This Is My Fave part of all. 4 different paper for water color! OMG! im so so so so happy!! Im literally laughing happilly when check them on by one and make my father surprise, but everyone who are close to me know Im a paper fetish lol .

this Is Aroma Therapy set, eucalyptus and jasmine, this is the fist time I have sumthing like this! and I got two of them! so cool!

My Father ask what is Aroma Theraphy set, so I open one packet and show them how to use this.. so pretty isn't it.. >///< hummm  smell good!

Pencil set and watercolor set.. what am I gona do with all this treasure?? wohooow!

testing on of the paper and the pencil. I love it! Im so happy with all this stuff,
Thank you verymuch Ces!

Clearly, this is the best early b;day present ever!, its feel like santa are come to me and gave me this..
 I love all of them, Ces are really understand what I want XD
watch out Ces!, Im gonna repay this! LOL

Friday, March 23, 2012

Final Fantasy Fanart Commission

Zera one of my client, ask me to do commission of her fanfic about final Fantasy, this is supposed to be her Christmas present.
I start this commission in early December.. but I just finish this piece today.

why it take so long to finish?

First because of the content.
I intimidate by the fact I have to paint Final fantasy character, their 3d and 2d works of illustrations are always amazed me, how can I made sumthing resemblance to that with my limited skill?

Second, I'm scare with their fan base. what if fans of Final Fantasy seeing this, will hated me and saying things about the art that make me don't want to hear it.
 owh yes Im so terribly scared.
 the first and the second reason make me took a pretty long time to finish, many times I redraw their face again and again.. thinking nope..nope.. this is bad.. oh this wont work.. and owh lord why I'm so stupid etc..
this piece are very very hard to do.. ;A;

Also this piece is the reason I decide to risen up my commission price..
:D well my skill in painting are increase, so why not the price.
 I'm sure some of my client will be upset, but this will happen soon or later.

The third reason why it taking so long.. are probably because the technical reason.
somehow I got load of projects to do, so this one is have to wait sometimes, not to mention that when Im processing this commission, my pen tablet broke.. oh wow that is devastating.

The incident make me have to stop working on this piece and also make loads of my project piling up.
but I'm glad finally I could take a deep breath and relax for a bit.
did I satisfied with the result?
surely not,
but this piece have to end somewhere dont you think?
I dont want to make the client keep waiting.
she already be patience and supportive for this 3 moth I wont make her wait again.
pheww... well back to my daily routine than.. lotsa projects is waiting :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gilroy and Syeira

Finally a commission done.
this is for Deathbright on Deviantart.
the client have to wait long and patiently because I  broken my pen tablet, so there's a little bit hiccup on the process, Im glad its all done and the client love it ^^/

Sunday, March 18, 2012

BrokenWinter Ink progress

always be my bad habit, every time I almost done some projects.. My mood its gone and I always hesitated to finish it..
probably because I feel lonely? because i dont want this to end?
yea whatever..
come on Arch, you promise to finish it tomorrow, and you have tons of works in your schedule!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

march trough March!

so.. like always I have lotsa expectation again in this Month..
and like always.. the expectation are crumble slowly..
aww I shouldn't  complaint
the only thing that stand in my way are myself..
stay positive arch.. stay positive..

lets see..
what the positive thing that happen to me recently?

-well the Shinki Comic are done.

You can read the comic here :Shinki Webcomic

-the Comic from local Publisher are 9 script to go ( 1 script are 5-10 pages ).
-right now I open my commission again. and here are my latest commission submission :

- I also done some pin up for  heavenly Dragon Comic :

-Im curently working on Broken winter script, the ink part are just 9 page to go, tone and done..

so now lets get to the not very positive things that happend to me..

my pen for working digital art are broken.. =_=a
I try to fix it, the pen hang on for two weeks, and now completely dead.. but for another positive side.. I order a new one, and right now waiting for the pen to arrive.. wish me luck guys >..<

- and the most most most thing that make me very disappointed to myself is..
that Im planing to join some Manga submission, but the deadline is this end of month.. and I think I wont made it.. ;A; I feel so sad.. but that's because of me who choose work rather than snatch an opportunity in front of me..

Guys.. right now I feel like a loser...
I choose money than self achievement.
I dunno what am I supposed to do with my life.. =_=;;

okay now Im complaining again..
March haven't ended yet! lets fight until our heart content! ureyaaaaaaaaaah!