Monday, March 12, 2012

march trough March!

so.. like always I have lotsa expectation again in this Month..
and like always.. the expectation are crumble slowly..
aww I shouldn't  complaint
the only thing that stand in my way are myself..
stay positive arch.. stay positive..

lets see..
what the positive thing that happen to me recently?

-well the Shinki Comic are done.

You can read the comic here :Shinki Webcomic

-the Comic from local Publisher are 9 script to go ( 1 script are 5-10 pages ).
-right now I open my commission again. and here are my latest commission submission :

- I also done some pin up for  heavenly Dragon Comic :

-Im curently working on Broken winter script, the ink part are just 9 page to go, tone and done..

so now lets get to the not very positive things that happend to me..

my pen for working digital art are broken.. =_=a
I try to fix it, the pen hang on for two weeks, and now completely dead.. but for another positive side.. I order a new one, and right now waiting for the pen to arrive.. wish me luck guys >..<

- and the most most most thing that make me very disappointed to myself is..
that Im planing to join some Manga submission, but the deadline is this end of month.. and I think I wont made it.. ;A; I feel so sad.. but that's because of me who choose work rather than snatch an opportunity in front of me..

Guys.. right now I feel like a loser...
I choose money than self achievement.
I dunno what am I supposed to do with my life.. =_=;;

okay now Im complaining again..
March haven't ended yet! lets fight until our heart content! ureyaaaaaaaaaah!

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