Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The RED inside me..

sumthing is wrong with my self.. am I began to get older, am I lost my enthusiasm? am I no longer RED?

I just realize my work ethic is gone..
yes I play to much..
Im lack of discipline.
I wasting my time.
I feel like I have a lot of pressure on my shoulder.

I dont want to complain to much, but I need to let out my feelings, despite someone is reading this post or not..

okay.this what I feel now.

Im extremely jealous and envy to certain person who have great ability and success.. the little cunning person inside me said this is not fair, while my logic sense tell me, everything happens for a reason. If the same success and ability haven't come to me, thats is mean I dont work hard enough. the problem is, Im to lazy or I have to much excuses. =_=a.

how should I solve this?
being a hermit, stay out from the internet,internet could be poisonous sometimes, stick to the schedule, and having a great mental that will push me being a discipline, and dont keep piling task, the faster a project done, is the better for me.

Im having a weight problem, when Im younger and poor, Im so freaking skinny and malnourished.. (seriously ^^; )
I always wanted to be more fat and have ideal weight. now after I have enough money for my self, I realize Im over weight. >.<
everything seem so heavy, and everything seem makes me twice lazier than before, lack of sport, to much sleep, bad eating habit.. *sigh*

I read this comic about mangaka, they said all mangaka is overweight because all they do is just sleep and eat.. =_=a but that not an excuses for me, I shouldn't make myself being overweight like this just because I wanted to be a mangaka *catslap*

to solve this problem I should try to get exercise, having a good eating habit, dont get to much sleep, and be discipline (not again )

even they say routine is good for your body and brain, but I hate routine, I get used to do what ever I want and when I want to, its worsen now after I live on my own, nowbody tells me what I supposed to do, and no more house chorse (that's mean more lack of sport.. =_=a )

okay this is bad..

I want to be RED again, I have to lighten up the fire inside me, I want to be burn once again, I want to be active and energetic,I want to be a workaholic again.. (lol)

Im Archie The RedCat.
and Im going to start a flame..mhwahaahahhahahaha!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Updates

I've currently get a flu right now, a headache and cough.
Im working on the ink part of broken winter.
I have acne problem for the first time in my life... someone said that's becouse Im to stressful. e stress out? Im shock.. =_=a I dont feel like Im stress.. :(

Im getting fatter to, because I know if I feel terrible, I eat, I eat and eat until i dont want to eat anymore.. that's not healthy

I dont feel to healthy... I dunno why?
what its my problem? I feel okay.. o_0;

well the great part is, now I already have my own bike, I brought it a week ago, and I loved it so much, his name is Bulao, its means blue in Sundanese.

btw its already 4 moth now, I dunno if I could done my new year resolution to live much better and more healthy.I realize Im not a patient person.. I do everything in a rush.. =_=a

and I think I complain to much, I have to make peace with my self..