Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The RED inside me..

sumthing is wrong with my self.. am I began to get older, am I lost my enthusiasm? am I no longer RED?

I just realize my work ethic is gone..
yes I play to much..
Im lack of discipline.
I wasting my time.
I feel like I have a lot of pressure on my shoulder.

I dont want to complain to much, but I need to let out my feelings, despite someone is reading this post or not..

okay.this what I feel now.

Im extremely jealous and envy to certain person who have great ability and success.. the little cunning person inside me said this is not fair, while my logic sense tell me, everything happens for a reason. If the same success and ability haven't come to me, thats is mean I dont work hard enough. the problem is, Im to lazy or I have to much excuses. =_=a.

how should I solve this?
being a hermit, stay out from the internet,internet could be poisonous sometimes, stick to the schedule, and having a great mental that will push me being a discipline, and dont keep piling task, the faster a project done, is the better for me.

Im having a weight problem, when Im younger and poor, Im so freaking skinny and malnourished.. (seriously ^^; )
I always wanted to be more fat and have ideal weight. now after I have enough money for my self, I realize Im over weight. >.<
everything seem so heavy, and everything seem makes me twice lazier than before, lack of sport, to much sleep, bad eating habit.. *sigh*

I read this comic about mangaka, they said all mangaka is overweight because all they do is just sleep and eat.. =_=a but that not an excuses for me, I shouldn't make myself being overweight like this just because I wanted to be a mangaka *catslap*

to solve this problem I should try to get exercise, having a good eating habit, dont get to much sleep, and be discipline (not again )

even they say routine is good for your body and brain, but I hate routine, I get used to do what ever I want and when I want to, its worsen now after I live on my own, nowbody tells me what I supposed to do, and no more house chorse (that's mean more lack of sport.. =_=a )

okay this is bad..

I want to be RED again, I have to lighten up the fire inside me, I want to be burn once again, I want to be active and energetic,I want to be a workaholic again.. (lol)

Im Archie The RedCat.
and Im going to start a flame..mhwahaahahhahahaha!!


celeste84 said...

hahaha you really are a cat chie! cat's never have a routine, they always do what they feel like XD

ara, but seriously, set yourself up a reward system - it'll help you stay on track without too much routine, and it'll get you wanting to work more! you could do something like "if i finish X today/in X hours/by X time, then i can go play X for an hour". you'll have to keep disciplined to do it, but it won't restrict you as much as a schedule :)

XD hahaha if i could i'd help more, but hard to do from across the sea!

auraviper said...

I agree with cells, maybe you should give yourself a deadline and a reward after you achieve your deadline
In that case, you will finish your work in time, and you'll able to get something from it (e.g. eat in a restaurant, buy new games, etc) and that rewards will boost your esteem for your next project :)

nitro rc carz said...

I have the same problem. So I've gone back to the way I used to do things in the corp world. I prepare a daily to do list and make certain I get at least 2 of the things done on it.

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ ces and aqita :
cats hates routine, but all they do all day is just sleep and eat, thats a routine right? XD lol

actually I always gave my self a reward to, every time I finish a project.
but I think I rewarded my self to much..
like when one project is done. I could play all day long and gave my self a vacation.

but than I love to play so much, and when friend see Im free, they will keep asking me out.. XD and stupid me I cant reject it. XD

when its done and Im back to my work, Im became more lazy and sloooow because all I want to do is play.. hahah *cat slap*

that's why, not only I have to be able to be discipline with my wok schedule, I have to be discipline with my reward to.. *faint

@nitro rc carz : damn.. this is the first time I realize there a RED CAT nitro cars.. *A* and there's a RedCat Universe to.. wooow
btw about that to do list, check list and stuff? that's dont work to effective for me.. I dunno why.. =_=a
I keep skipping the task.. haha *catslap*

Celeste84 said...

Chie, why ot get a diary so that you can plan out what days you have to work, and what days you can play? that way you can also say to your friends "i can't play today, but i can play on this day instead!"

:) ganbare yo!

auraviper said...

no offense chi, but i think you should change your attitude (¬_¬") lol

well, idk much abt the working world, especially the freelance world and how you work
and since I'm still in uni and all of my deadline already been decided by the uni, so I think it's easier for me to be discipline
e.g. if i dont submit the asgmts in time, I get no score. If I dont get score, I'll fail. If I fail a subject, I'll have to repeat is next semester. And if I have to do it again, I'll waste more time and money

So maybe you should've think abt the consequences abt what if you're too lazy?
like 1. why did you choose your current job
2. how important for you this job is
3. what's going to happen (to you, to your clients and to your job) if you dont discipline yourself (the worst case)

so maybe after you realized the consequences, you'll figure out that you should do this and shouldn't do tht

But yeah, I don't really understand abt the working world but I just hope my advice could help you
And sorry if I offended you in any way x(

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ akita : its okay, you dont offense me at all,
infact, what you say is what Im trying to say to my self trough all this post.. *lol

rinie said... humanity...maybe everyone ever felt like this,jealousy but u've got motivated by that feel...khu khu khu....
keep on right trax and movin...cia you!!

~the spirit within said...

hmm, I found myself in the same position as you. I think the problem is the lack of appreciation (whether it's from you or from other peoples) which then creates the lack of motivation.

Maybe you should found a new hobby? Something that is way different from your current job or routine?

I'm working in an administration kind of job, and it's boring. The only fun side about my job is the free internet, and yup, you got it, all I do all day is lazing around in front of the computer and doing nothing except browsing/chatting/reading manga [talk about work-apparatus-abuse] :sweat drop:.

Anyway, two weeks ago, someone invites me to join a dance class. I had never dance moreover get a lesson, so I think to myself 'why not?'

I won't say that I got the motivation right now, but at least I found something different to wasted my time on. Sides I hope the lesson would give me a better figure :wink:

I think that's quite a long comment I give you here, so I'll shut up now. :smile:

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ the spirit within,:
actually I really apriciate long comment, and I get what you mean, myself have a great hobby recently. XD
bicycling and running.. its a great hobby and in the same time make me healthy.. yeaaay XD

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