Monday, February 22, 2010


yesterday I talk to Omu about how important to doodling everyday.. to sharpen our skill or whatever.. I done so many doodle I lost count.
I ask Omu to post his doodle to his blog everyday (yes Omu have blog to.. but its empty there... =_=a), so he can have some gallery record.
he agree, and that coversation makes me wanted to post up some doodle to..

but when Im serching, look what I found.. a pile of SCRAP

for this one.. SCARP.. its actually not a doodle.. its unfinished pic I made..
I not finished it maybe because afterward I feel it suck, Im to freaking lazy, or I just don't have enough time, or mood to continue it..

when I look again to this pile of SCRAP, I feel shame on my self..damn.. *facepalm*

Im out of words guys..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

iro iro nanimo

sup guys!
been a while since the last time I update this blog, the recent update I make is in my another blog, about my published comic LUV..
so many things that I want to update, so many things I want to do.. but I ended up just lazying around .. haha..
Im still in a holiday mood, I promise My self that I will let my self having a holiday for a whole moth, but its EPICly failed.. I keep doing commission and accept the freelance work..
and thats kinda make all the work piled up.. I have to drag my ass so I could done everything in time.. geez.. >_>
today I supposed to finish some works for Erlanga publisher (again)and like always, for this project Im stupidly slow because im so freaking lazy.. >.<
anywey.. in last post I promised to post picture of my new residence, my rent room where I living in..
well now I have the chance to get the camera from my parent house, and borrow it to take some pic..
I have to warn you guys, its have a bad quality.. not to mention, you might surprise in how small my rent room is.. XD, but I like the room a lot.. :D Its a perfect place to sleep, the air are cold and fresh.. and the rent price are extremely low to.. XD
haha.. well guys.. enjoy the pic.. :)

such a small space right? well whadaya expect, Im still a poor full time freelancer and a comic artist.. well at least I love this freaking room..(more than my big parent house)XD

btw if you notice, my hamster cage are divided the male and female one, because if they in the same cage, they attacked each other, and the boys trying to hump the girl.. >_>

and yeah, that is Shin inside that rolling pink ball..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coloring contest with great prize.

do you interested having a chance to win Intuos 3? Wacom bamboo,money up to 100$? or maybe Amazon certificate gift up to 100$?

well Im so freaking interested man!! the hell intuos3? I even only using bamboo for all this time.. Intuos 3 pen tablet thingies make me really drools up.. XD

and for a contest that are held on Deviant art, all that prize are surely luxury..
even the famous and popular one only gave sub or free art for first prize..


I really wanted to enterrr.. XD

but I cant! because Im the judge ^_^;

but you guys can, and maybe have a chance to win the awesome prize!

and all you gotta do is just colored this pic..

you can download the highres HERE

and you can learn more about the contest HERE

and may the best entries win! XD