Monday, February 22, 2010


yesterday I talk to Omu about how important to doodling everyday.. to sharpen our skill or whatever.. I done so many doodle I lost count.
I ask Omu to post his doodle to his blog everyday (yes Omu have blog to.. but its empty there... =_=a), so he can have some gallery record.
he agree, and that coversation makes me wanted to post up some doodle to..

but when Im serching, look what I found.. a pile of SCRAP

for this one.. SCARP.. its actually not a doodle.. its unfinished pic I made..
I not finished it maybe because afterward I feel it suck, Im to freaking lazy, or I just don't have enough time, or mood to continue it..

when I look again to this pile of SCRAP, I feel shame on my self..damn.. *facepalm*

Im out of words guys..


Archie-The-RedCat said...

Im addicted to face shoot.. =_=a

Anonymous said...


celeste84 said...

e-snailE and indygo! :D

damn chie, your scraps looks so cool =_=;; it's just not fair D:

btw, let me know if ommy uploads his doodles :) they'd be interesting to see ^_^

Archie-The-RedCat said...

omu already post his blog ces..

celeste84 said...

haha....i never knew ommy had a blog T///T

Anonymous said...

these aren't bad~~! the 2nd one with a bunch of guys and the flower lady and the butterfly lady and the little witch are all great~~
don't be so hard on yourself Archie! but yeah, it's important to keep sketching regularly xD *fails at that*
~chibi-neko 8D