Wednesday, March 3, 2010

morning walk

Every morning, about 7o'clock, me and Aulia are doing our daily routine, walk around the neighborhood, just to do some sport (because we artist never go sport.. =_=a)
this is the new neighborhood and where I live, I live in Taman Hewan Area, Bandung West java Indonesia.
the place are very near with Bandung City zoo, and this area are the forest area in Bandung, there so many trees and fresh air, the place is old and its very scary when night comes.the animal on the zoo are keep making weird noises, and many people witness ghost in this area.. *lol

but Its a very beautiful place, its fresh and green, and very strategic place to, this place are near to one of the most famous and biggest Institute in Indonesia, ITB, its near to the zoo, Its near the biggest book store in Bandung, and its got a lotsa lotsa lotsa cheap and super delicious food.. ^^

well let me give you tour to my daily walking route..shall we?

this where I start, this is my neighborhood, near to my rent room, Its almost a slump area but not to slump. we call it Kampung, or small village, the people who live here are not rich, its have many small houses, many rent room for collage student because its near the institute, many little children. many chicken and wild cats.. =_=a its very noisy sometimes, but nonetheless its a good place to live for a poor comic artist like me.. :D and I cant complain.. :P

the morning view are still beautiful, its not tidy or clean, but it have really great exotic atmosphere.. that is what I think.. and that stairs go ups are really pain in the ass.. but very good to burn your fat.. XD

this is Gelap Nyawang street, is very2 dark and scary at night but have a green view in the morning.. :)

this is dago park..

its still morning but the traffic are very busy.. XD

this is where the rich people live, Kyai gede street, all the houses here are big and luxury, all the people have 3 car or more. its ironic how slump area and luxury area are near to each other?^^;

this is the ITB institute, very popular, and have old massive architecture.. its build since the 20th era, but I only take picture the boring ones.. ahhaha

this is Salman area, a park beside a mosque, there a cheap cafeteria there and Im intend to go there for get my breakfast. xD

and look a horse.. :P, yes there are horse around everywhere.. careful you might step on their poop.

and if you notice, I only take picture of the street.. why? because I take the picture while walking and see straight in front of me.. hahahaha

Im lame I know.


celeste84 said...

so pretty! and so so so green! :O such a nice walk chie! that's a great way to start the morning ^_^

aulia said...

hehehe hasil jalan2x kemaren yaph alus euy :)

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ ces : let me see tamworth to ces!XD

@Aulia : iyah hasil jepretanyah mayan pisan padahal sambil jalan.. ahahaha, nggak terlalu ngeblur

Celeste84 said...

XD rightio - on the weekend i'll go around and get some snaps for you chie LOL it's very different, very open - all blue sky and dusty grass normally!

Anonymous said...

What I love about the scenery is there are lots of greens there :)

ITB built in 60s era? But I thought my GRANDad went there :|

Archie-The-RedCat said...

edited Aqita... salah tukis, yang dibangun tahun 50-60 an ituh masjid salman.. XD bukan itb

ruw19 said...

wah, kosan-nya emang daerah mana?

Archie-The-RedCat said...

taman hewan rud.. dkt bonbin

Rizky said...

Wah, ampir tiap hari saya makan di nyawang :P

Btw, jadina di taman hewan yah, temen saya juga ada yang ngekos disana XD

Zahra Zahira said...

ka archie...
sumpah potonya keren banget X3
(padahal ampir tiap hari saya lewat sana tapi kok rasanya "sense"nya beda...)

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ Riz : ntar kapan2 bisa janjian dong yah terus makan bareng, kalo di gelap nyawang ayam bakas si bungsu nyah juara banget.. baso tahu ma ota jebred juga jebred pisan.. ahahah

@Zahra : inih potonyah pas jam 7-8 an, nggak terlalu panas tapi banayk matahari yang masuk dari sela2 daun.. berasa dalam setting dunia dongeng jadiyah.. apalagi daerah ITB mah rimbun banget.. jadinyah jam segituh teh seger pisan.. ^^

rinie said...

wow..wew....keren bgt chie....fto2na keren bner.....ijo,seger,pdhal gw liat blog ni d wrnet yg tkungkung n pengap....kerenzzz mati.....

trus update post2 blog kyak gene chie...soalna gw blom pnah k bandung hueheheheheheh........(=3=)

keep move on with ur artist'activities...