Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea party Commission step by step

since monday I dont have any internet connection in my work place (right now Im on my parents house )
its because there some bugs in the sysytem so I cant use my internet although I already paid, I already complain to the Internet provider, they said they trying to work on things, but I dunno when I be able to use my internet.
oh well.
its okay, now I can be more concentrate with my work.
right now Im working on 1 children storybook, 3 comic project, and 1 commission.
for the commission today finnaly Im be able to finish it (so now its out from the list )
 here are the steps:
for this commission, Im using Illuststudio, because Im new at this program so this is an opportunity  to learn. a new tools, first of course I make the sketch traditionally with pencil, I haven't get used to sketching in digital yet after all :D

new layer, and I just inked the file, the preasure and the lines that this programs produce are really-relly lovely, its dosent take a long time for me to falling in love with the lines, everything are just perfect with what I want.

after the inked process is done, I just using a wand tools and make the basic color for this pic.Im just using the pen (ctrl+p)

with big water color brush, I just  using random colors that gonna make the  the colors stand out more. you can see the diferent right?

and after that, I just make another layer, and make the shading with pen tools, the result are solid colors just like a cell shading. I have to learn more how to shading with this kinda of style but I thinnk the result are not bat at all right? 

and here are the close up  view :

you can check out the result HERE

thank you for reading ^^

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Children Story Book

last month I've got another children storybook project in my hand. I dunno how the client got my email address and my name, but the client suddenly contact me and ask me to make a Buddhism Children storybook.

the opportunity they offer me are to good I just cant reject it.its kinda dangerous because at the moment when I accept the project ! already stressed up with 2 project of long comic commission in my hand.

Luckily, I be able to finish the task on time without injured the deadline. well its only 8 spread page illustration afterall. :) the client love the result and promise to comeback with a new script. I hope the upcoming script going to be smooth like this one. amen!