Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to Solve Problem with client?

Okey here is the problem, for more then ten moth I lost contact with my client via note on DA, the problem is, the client is haven't pay me none, so I cant start working the commission (although is been a half progress and the client knows it ) and even I already send note for asking the payment, the client never reply.

eniwey, yesterday after waiting for almost a year, I decide to send a note again, asking the commission status, threat the following client if refuses to pay I will tell all the people that this is just a scam and bla2.

than the client surprisingly noted me back with furious,the client are very mad, saying Im the one who never note, complain about how I behave, how I accused in a wrong and rude way bla2.. I surprise how the client react about my note.. and make me feel bad about it..

well the client also said that the payment already send half, and all this time that the client who always waiting my respond..


so I copied the last note I send, asking why there is no reply, I also send my paypal transaction, prove that is no payment during the time the client said that the payment has on the current date..

Im very regretful if the note that I send to the client earlier are rude and not polite in someways.. but I demand to have some explanation.

if the client already pay me, why there is no confirmation anyway?and why the client never reply after this long?

until now the client haven't reply to my note again even the client already read the note I send.. and I feel Im kinda paranoid.. +_+ I dun wanna ended up hurting others.. but right now..I think I feel kinda hurt to..

and the conclusion is..

how Im going to solve this problem if its hard to get a reply?
should I keep nagging the client for asking an explanation?

phew.. I hope this problem solve soon.. so I could gladly blacklisted the following client..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tutorial :how to draw chibi

okay this is chibi commission that I made for miss Ama , and as I promised to dear Sarah, I will show my chibi coloring technique.

in this tutorial I dont show what kinda brush I use, if you follow my others tutorial, you will realize I always use the same brush, just like I use for this one to.. XD, so I think it doesn't matter if I dont describe the brush, but I will try to explained this tut as much as I can.
for this tut you need a pen tablet and painter/photoshop program.
well then... here we go.. XD
just click the pic to get much bigger view

step 1

made a chibi sketch, this is my chibi proportion, look more tall that size deformed (SD),well yeah... because its chibi or child body.. XD
btw, the bigger the head, the cuter it gets.. but its just a matter of taste.. mine are not very big I think.. :D

step 2

after I ink the sketch, I block the whole colored area, with any kind of colour I want, than lock the layer options into transparancy, and randomly gave all the additional basic colors.

step 3

added the shading and lighting, looks very random yeah? well it is.. =_=a

step 4

add details, and of course the hair to, I always using big to small brush for adding the details, and if there is any lines or stroke that I didn't like, I just use blender to smooth it and it will look like gradation.. :D

step 5

see? its looking smooth rite? that is the power of blender on painter.. XD

step 6

making chibi dont look so hard is it? XD add the details and simple background all you want, and VIOLA! its all done..:)


Friday, November 13, 2009

November update

thank you for all the support, today the power went off almost all day long.. *sigh what a waste of time..
the Christmas cover is done, but with some minor revision, Ink the 9 chibis, with some minor revision to, still waiting the script from kale for broken Winter.. and I dont think I could working on 11 page comic for Ariade.. +_+ yes Celeste the eyes is to big for the tummy (dunno what the hell this phrase means anywey, but I think I get the point XD )
I have to note Ariade and gave her my apologize.. T_T shame on me.

all the update seem about a bad news eh?

well its not just a bad news, i got the good news to XD, the LUV comic doing some progress and now is heading for chapter 3..
and I really2 wanted it to be done this moth.. GOD please help meeeh T_T
I need some miracleeeeeeee

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Project!

rrrr let me seee..
-Christmas cover coloring book
-finished the LUV comic (inked 140 page, toned 190 page, make the back and front cover to )
-9 chibi commission
-11 comic page for Ariade
-next chapter of broken winter???

For LUV comic project, I wanted it to be finish in the end of this moth, is sound very much impossible, but it wont hurt me to have highs hope right.. XD, I dunno if I could spare some times for the commission tough, especially if Kale already send me the script for Broken winter.. arghhhh im going to die...X_X
but there is no time to die people! just roll as fast as I can!!

but I gotta make some work management plan or sumthing to make this work, stop fooling around and get everything serious..*sigh*
will I be able to do that?
I hope so *crossing fingers* (hey.. if my finger cross I wont be able to work! )

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Client always right?

I read from the, than NO client not always right.. especially if they ask sumthing crap and we just dont like it..

buuuut in my position.. I think I'll go what ever that suit me the best.. I mean there's are many factor to do what Clients want.. and we use discussion to.. so its win-win solution..

but sumtimes. when I get low paying jobs, I will lower my skill so the client will afford it, or maybe lower my skill just because the client really want my style look like that.

and I do it. because its the best for both of us, and for material factor, it will benefit me..
but for the other factor.. I feel like crap! =A=, my ego feel so damn hurt man.. I know I could done sumthing better but when the result are to simple for my taste Im kinda feel eww..and if the people know that Im the one who made that crap.. ugh its gonna be so humiliating..
XD hahha

but after the times flies I think I can manage that.. work in this business there is sumthing more than ego and pride as an artist.. and I should bare that..

btw 3 project are done I guess.. two more are still waiting for aproval.. but I think I could a bit more relax than before.. :D
one of the projects is a Broken Winter, you can click it to find out what it is..

and another one is this..

do you think is crapy?

its for the children coloring book, I still have to wait for the approval or maybe some revision.. I so hope there will be no revision.. *sigh.. =_=

Friday, October 30, 2009


yes, I made another BLOG, finally, all about my rants in Comic industry..only comic, and in Indonesian language only..
there maybe a gossip to about all my related client,rival and another comic artist around me.. XD haha who knows..

but that doesn't mean I will neglected this blog..:D I will be keep posting.. :D hehe after all I need a place to rant about everything.. just realize my blog hits already reach 2000.. should I celebrate it.. :p?

actually I want to posted some recipe and bento picture.. but I haven't had the chance.. (sory for everyone that already requested for the recipe )right now Im juggling into more than 5 project at once..

I read in the here that freelancer tend to take job more than he/she could afford to be done..
I think I got the same case.. +_+; *pheeew

now all I have to do is slowly finish everything all I might..step by step and pray everything is done perfectly so I can take a nap again..

after quit for my studio, I always think that I could lazy around and stuff, surprisingly Im busier than before.. :D is that a good news or bad?
who knows..(I think is a good thing because my income rising to.. XD yeaaay! )

there are some problem with my body, my shoulder hurt like hell, and now I cant drawing for fun. *i have no time.. * sob..sob..

but no time to cry,, lets rollll people!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

REVISION, again and again..

do you like revision?

I dont..

life will be so much easier without this.. *lol* naaah just kiding.. I know revision is an important part of drawing. very important indeed because its help you to make your skill and your drawing, became better and better again right?

but some time, I hate the revision, especially when it came from work.. a cheap payment work to..
I feel like.. how dare they gave me such a revision for such a low paying jobs.. *sigh*

I hate when the client cannot say what is in mind, dunno what the hell they want me to draw, just thingking, maybe this good, try this.. or no try that.. I want it like this...


seriously, made up your mind will you, and if you cannot, please describe what you want clearly so I can understand.. *geez*

aand the most upsetting part is.. the work are all been approved. but then you see sumthing wrong.. and hey.. draw it all over again will you? fix this part..

WHAT THE HEll?? why dont you just say it form the beginning if you don't like that part.. whyyy I have to fix it all over again when its all already done GODDAMMIT!??

and all you can say is sorry..sorry..sorry.. blah!
pay me more if you say you sorry..+_+


that kinda stuff really ticking my nerve.. make me upset! damn.. I know its minor revision.. but if its still continue like this, I wont cooperate anymore.. nuff said!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chrismast Coloring book

this what Im struggling to finish for this past day, a coloring book for some local publisher..

this is the fourth time they ask me to made a coloring book, that is mean, I sort of useful for them right? XD.. the payment are pretty cheap for my range, but its okay because the task are very easy, the revision some how not make me want to slap the editor (sometimes) and I can work on this at my spare time because the deadline kinda sloooow like a snail.

most of all, I can save money for bad times,or just save it for the future..

but the problem is..
(why its have to be a problen in every task I working on? ^^ I wonder.. )

the drawings and everything are so damn boriiiing.. I dont have any mood or spirit to finish this all I might.. yes I think this job is piece a cake.. and its make me bored to death..
so the process are very..very slow.. its very humiliating seeing my work progess like this, I really wanted to slam myself to the floor for being such ignorant bastard, lazy, snob, and wasting time.. this is so not professional and I dont have good work ethics..

Im so lame I want to punish my self, blame my self and my reaction and response to this job, make me not proud for what I am.

this is humiliating ..

maybe you think Im to hard to myself..
and I know sumtimes its okay to feel lazy an bla bla bla if we finding a job that we dont like and whatever..

but the problem is..

I think..
if I have the courage to take this job, than I have to be ready for all the consequence, I have to be responsible..
and I supposed to take this job seriously, and working on it as best as I could..
most of all, the job I take supposed to make me happy.. if its not.. than what is the point I take the job..
be happy RC..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

nugelo mawa runtah

in Monday I going out for a fun, like usual if Im going out.. I have to pack myself with bento.. why..? because I eat more than 2 times a day.. and if I dont pack my self with lunch.. I will make my self broke keep buying food and stuff..+_+ I guess my stomach is hollow.. XD.

first, the pack of lunch is are so ordinary, and kinda scramble you know.. than just because I browse up the bento link.. its make me kinda jealous and says.. hey.. I can do that tooo, I can make some kawai bento to and make everyone who see my bento drools up and want to try my cook.. XD (yeah Im such a show of.. )

I like to cook , and my cooking skill are somehow are passed down from my father.. (just put everything inside the cooping that look and taste good) we both hunger a lot.. and because mom go out to work.. we were deserted in or house without anything to eat..but there some ingredient in the refrigerator.. well lets make sumthing from there than.. XD

that is why I began like to cook, I cook my self when Im hungry, at midnight or early in the morning.. sometimes the cooking tasted great, but yeah, so many times it FAILED and tasted like crap.. but I still eat it .. hahahhaha

well anyway.. here is my FIRST kawai bento.. XD

its rice mold with nori, some peas, tomato and sausage, the freaking man is from potato Crockett with melting cheese inside..and the faces are from nori..
yummie? hell yeah?

its so great I wish I could married my self! hahahhahaha

Saturday, October 3, 2009


yesterday..Im going out.. I used to buy food from fast food cafe or sumthing.. and its really2 make me broke..
so I decide to pack some lunch..
but not just ordinary lunch. I pack it and make it became bento..
you know bento.. that pack of lunch that usually made by japanese people, and always came out in anime and manga?

well I made some, and try to make it look pretty and stuff.. but epic failed.. its hard man!
haha here is what I came up with..

Its omelet, rice mold with carrot, fried rice mold, cucumber, tomato, and sweet beef stew (teriyaki beef? )

this is not my first attempt to make bento, and I know its not the last.. :D
so I googling and serch for inspiration..

I found it in here..

making bento are sure hard.. but its so damn fun..
beside everybody said than the taste of my cooking is great.. seeing their face when eating my cook make me so damn Happy..

yesterday Im going to go to the dentist..just to checking out my teeth.. maybe I will pack some lunches again and eat it with my friends.. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

phanthera-spelaea Face Shoot

Detailed Face shoot from this piece
enjoy their pretty face.. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Never Stop Dreaming..

not just ordinary dream, and don't end up to be a daydreamer..
but this dream is sumthing you want in life, sumthing that you try to achieve.

My dream is to be a Manga Artist.. maybe you guys so freaking bored to hear this.. haha

but yeah.. its my dream since Im in junior high school.. some people said.. Im already get what I dreaming of.. well I said its not entirely achieved.. but at least Im on my way to do that..:D

remembering the old times, when I'm still young and ambitious, I really wanted to share my history back than when I'm still dreaming..:d
I'm started to draw since Im very young.. and born from not very much rich family..
I'm in love wih comic and story book when Im in elementary school.. maybe younger.. but our family economic problem cant let me to buy plenty of book of stuff..

I'm a book worm since I'm a kitten, I spend so many hours on library, any kind of it.. I make fried with my neighbor just because my neighbor have lotsa books, and when what Im doing is only sit in the corner of her library instead of playing with her.. she ditch me out.. hahaha

the urge to having my own Comics and book make me became creative, I decide to make my own book, making my own story,. only few pages of story, I draw and colored it my self.. that is happen on elementary school..

I still remember the title and the story the first story I made.
its about a caterpillar who is raised by the dragonfly family, and beiing ditch out by their family becouse the caterpillar change into cocoon. the cocoon drop into a bucket of red paint.. and from that bucket suddenly come out a beautiful red butterfly.. hahahhaha (weird eh? and so when I stil young I already obsessed with red )

I keep making story, and the illustration also.. my friend and classmate loved the book I made..
until at Junior high.. I meet a friend who can draw manga.. she teach me sumthing that is more that illustration book..manga/comic concept using lotsa picture in every panel.. more picture in only one page.. and if she could made her own manga.. that is mean I can do the same..

so I start drawing manga, using just pencil and note book..

than its escalate into HVS papper and using ink to make my manga..

when I'm in senior high school.. I dare enough to submit my works to magazine and newspaper.. the response is wonderful.. I even got extra money.. I'm getting ambitious to became a mangaka..

than finally in year 2003 I try to submit My own manga into some publisher.. 200 pages of manga.. fully Manual.. the publisher accepted the manga, and it sell quite a lot, in the same time I also make my own studio with friends. and published one manga tittle with them..

the studio activity then became my main interest.. I always working and publish comic works under my studio name.. drawing illustration and manga/comic became my main job..

but that not good enough for me.. Petshopbox studio are getting famous in manga world, but Archie the RedCat name fading away..
the studio job increase more than just mere illustration and comic. its change into merchandise shop, retails, and stuff. the vision of the Studio also change into sumthing I dont like.. and make me far..far away from my goal into becoming Manga artist..
it hard and very sad for me.. but than I decide to quit from my own studio that I build from scratch..

I decide to fight on my own.. in my own way.. standing in my own feet
if I could publish my own comic book in 2003 I have the chance to do the same now..
even tough its scary.. even though there is so many obstacle..

I know my dream going to became true once again..
yesterday the editor already gave me the contract..
than is make me brave enough to say..

Archie the RedCat is back people..
are you guys ready for me?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog pageview??

yipiiiiw my blog hits already 1500+.. I wanted to celebrate it with picture or illustration ,but Im to tired.. hahahah XD

and god dammit I realize I have to many account online.. many of them is abandoned.. =_=.. Im planing to make another blog in Indonesian language..
I think I have to erase that plan..

sumtimes, I really wish I have someone to help me updating all my account.. *sigh*
that will be really2 help..
anyone interested??

nah.. hahaha just joking :P

btw I just back from Inking my manga project, Im using my old,rusty,and almost broken pen nib..
but you know what? its feel fantastic! its awesooooooooome, its feel goood, I cant believe that Im so damn enjoying the inking process. XD..

and ink the comic manually make me feel hapyyyyy its a joygasm.. hahah XD
its true. its true, its far more great that using computer to ink the manga, its really feel good when the pen nib touch the paper surface.. in every stroke.. (oh my glomp.. stroke eh? I feel pervert now )

Im shivering, my heart race.. Im..Im..


but I have to stop because the lamp on the tracing table are off.. =_= I need to buy another lamp.. *sigh* I hope tomorrow I have the time

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

twiiiittttt tuiiiitttt

I just made my self a twitter.. just for fun..:D still dont have follower or following anyone, but that is my intention, Im to much updating my Facebook status, I feel like Im bugging everybody.. Im updating my status not for sppaming someone notification Inbox, or to attract people to comment my status and stuff.. I just update it coz I want to write sumthing and speak up my mind..

I guess twitter is far most suitable with what I want in this case..

bur recently I made a conversation with my friend.. she said, Facebook and twitter make most of the blogger forgot to update their blog..
they are far more concentrate with facebook and the blogger buzz now seems so quite..

is that so?
is that is the reason why the person I follow on blog never updated their blog?
and also the reason behind my rareness in updating my own blog??

hm.. I guess not for me.. Im just busy with works.. that's all.. but i really wanted to updated my blog everyday like i used to.. the problem is.. I dont know what to write.. =_=

Monday, September 14, 2009

ah.. Finaly.. :D

helooow there everyone.. ! finally I can come back to the internet.. hahahha

my Hiatus for this past week are all because Im sick.. but only for a week, but then.. when Im heal I cant use my internet, because I dont have anymore of internet quota, so I cant run my internet until another period. now the new Internet period for this month is coming, I can use my internet again.. yeeeeay..

well here is the update so far:

- my illness is zoozter.. its almost same like chicken pox,it's a viral disease characterized by a painful skin rash with blisters in a limited area on one side of the body, often in a stripe. The initial infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV) causes the acute (short-lived) illness chickenpox, and generally occurs in children and young people.( mark that down people!! Im still young!! )

its make me have a headache, fever, and malaise,its also gave me sensations of burning pain, and itching,


and most of the time, because it's attack on my neck side, my shoulder feel the pain, and its feel hurt to draw..=_=;

- I still have work to be done. the commission still going, and the book for the children coloring book still in progress.. Im working on the cover, and he editor ask me to make another book.. (yeaaay )

- My comic project is up! the editor is trying to send me the contract! and Im trying to progress the ink process.. ( Im having heart throb attack, Im nervous and excited in the same time.. ^^;)

- clening up my Inbox and Message in my E-mail, Deviantart, and facebook..>_<

and this is my future goals that Im planing to make.. :D

- I always drawing for work.. make me realize its been a long time I dont draw for fun.. (actually every time I draw are fun.. but I want to draw sumthing that not for professional goals.^_^ yu know.. just some freaking doodles..)

-doujinshi? but what doujins.. :D i think I have to make some pools

-Im want to make Art book, Im trying to lure this person to my art book (Omupied is already say yes )Aulia, and Lan I just trying to contact the Print company so I could estimate the price.. :D

-make private printing shop run by me.. its hard if I dont have enough time.. but having my own print shop sound very fun.. and i really want to try it.. :D

-make another blog in Indonesia version for my comic :XD: hahahhahahah

so many things I want to do.. sadly I only have two arms.. haha but despite how busied I am..I will gave my best shoot, and make people around me and MYSELF proud! and that is my true goal!

*roll over and dance

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I just try to hold on.. but the job keep coming and I just have to finish what I started..

I'll be bak!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


its feel long time go I dont post this blog with my rants.. so busy with many stuff.. well at least the job desk for august is 70% clear..
the rest of the job whom are not finish is mainly because the client still pending the progress, one is because the revision, another one is because the payment problem.. =_=a

i hate when there is a pending payment.. *sigh*

Luckily I still have many projects to go.. and have many plan to make some income. but I dunno.. lets see about that in the future.
because right now..Im concentrate in one project that is really consume my mind, my strength.. and drained my soul..

It the comic project..
the plan is.. it will be publish on February, and the deadline is on December.. still long time to go i think.. but..

Im stuck..

yeah right now the plot is stuck..I've got to many ideas, but I dont have enough pages, and my brain feel wanted to explode thinking which ideas should I take to make this comic perfect.. =_=;

so I ended up browsing trough website.. and writing blog.. liek somehow it will help me decide...

baaa..baaaaa....baaaaaaa....(crying like a stupid sheep lost in the dessert)

somehow being comic artist is hard... but I know deep down I enjoy it..
I dont have any reason to complain actually..
but right now.. i think I should.. because Im scared this brain of mine.. really2 going to explode..


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Four Elf details

the details from this

painter step by step : Four Elf

lotsa people think I draw this from left to right because the capacity and design of the charachter are more complex on the left side.. but Its actually not like that.. :D

this step by step WIP proves it :)

here it is.. enjoy guys..



Monday, August 17, 2009

How to be Happy

I just read earlier that there's a law to be a happy person..and you cant be a happy person if you don't apply to this 7 law of happiness. what is the law anywey? I always think Im a happy person...well let see about it than, am I a happy person or not? well if I'm not, I think I will be one after I know what the law is..
they said, the 7 law of happiness is :

hum.... EPIC fail.. I'm not a patience person.. =_=; I always wanted to have something fast and instant, I don't waste any time to get what I want.. @_@; uh..oh.. that what's make me always in the rush until I do it in complete mess and ruining everything..that sort of ruining my happiness to is it?

hum, this one I could do it. even sometimes I cant help my self feeling jealous toward someone or sumthing, but my jealousy still in the normal state, I usually a very gratefully person.. God gave me to many treasure in my life, I cant enough to say thanks :D


hum.. I dunno waht its supposed to mean.. live in simple life? (paris hilton?? HA..HA.. =_=; ) rrr.. I think my life is simple.. (because im not rich. 3_3; ) but maybe if I have a lotsa money in my pocket I don't, I spend it to buy expensive and plentyyyyy of food.. :D
well that because when Im still poor cat is hard to buy food, and sumtimes I let myself hunger.. ^_^;.so today when finally I have my own salary, I spend it to buy food, a lil bit over react biggest expense is for food, and not for surviving.. hahah ..ugh.. I gotta to change that.. :D


rrrrr became a player? HA..HA..HA.. Heuuu.. I dunno if Im full of love person or not, Im very picky.. if I like someone, I will gave all my care and my love to that person.. but if I dont have any intention,or any feeling toward that person.. Im sort of dont know, and dont care if that person exist.. cruel ne? argh.. gotta change my perspectif for love to../_\;


Im not a stingy person.. :d even, Im sort of the opposite, but that only to the poor people who need it and to people I love, if I don't recon you, don't care, and don't have any feeling to you, and you are curently a freaking rich and wealthy.. you wont get anything from me.. hahhaha..


surrender to what? to live? to everything? HELL NO! I wont surrender to anything except GOD

-to forgive..
hum, this is sound nice.. and a good thing rite? but this is the hard thing to do.. I actually never think about it, if someone made sumthing bad to me, or anything.. I maybe furious, but I easily forget about it, but that doesn't meant I forgive, if the case are really2.. really bad, and even I forget about it.. but than, in the future I accidentally remember it again.. I will feel angry and mad again.... aaah I have to learn how to forgive..

hum.. hum.. reading all of the above.. its telling me that I actually, NOT a happy person..
I always though Im a happy-go-lucky-cat, I almost dont have any problem in live, I have a nice familly, good friend, great lover and amazing what is wrong with me...
is it becouse Im a freking selfish person? is it because I always in denial..? (I dunno what I'm deny tough)..
ah weird.. but anyway, I will try to to that 7 law of happines that is suit for me.. My happines, is mine, and I'm the only person who can tell Im happy or not..

rite GOD?

Monday, August 3, 2009

deadline for August

this what I got for this early August.. -_-; and all the deadlines are close to each other..

-8 page color Comic submission for Popcorn in Malaysia.
-22 page Coloring Storybook 'airport theme' for Erlanga
-9 comic page for Ariade(commission)
-2 comic page for Faye (commission)
-4 charachter waist up painting for Kyouki (commission)
-2 comic page for Kiara (commission)

If I could, I will try to working on it in the same time.. hahhahah impossible.. well I cloud try to switch the progress while waiting for revision and stuff.. , so every job could finish in the same time.. hahhahaha
I need super power.. sheeesh.. @_@;

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi

Finally, I have some time to Update my blog..
while Im waiting the epic lame time to send the e-mail to the editor,its almost 2 o'clock in the morning, and I dont have enough sleep.. >_>;

well I wanted to talk about the Black tea Party Anthology that I made with the girls who are very kindly invited me into the circle..

so, at Tuesday 21 july, I go to the animonster magazine office, just to meet with Bayou, because she is working there, I go to see her to get the copies of the doujinshi I made.

and after so long waiting,I finally touch the book by my self, and amaze with how luxury the print quality is, for only 20$.. geez, that's quite cheap, thinking it contain hundreds of page, and the paper are very thick.. 0_0 woow no wonder it sold out on the convention only in 4 hours.. Im amazed ladies, Im amazed..

cover made and paint by Brilcrist

photographs and the properties are made and belong to Misakichi

and I like the book a lot!and I feel so happy the girls invited me..(so I have the copies of my own for free hahahha..:)
I have a personal opinion about the story inside the dounjinshi,but I will keep it for my self because I wont give you guys any spoiler.. hahhaha..

My doujinshi page teaser


Monday, July 13, 2009


yes its blueberry, not Blackberry, that weird cellphone that been invading my country and I dunno the reason why.. (God its very expensive.. o_0)

do you know that berries family have so many antioxidant that are very healthy for our body? serving blueberries in our dish have more of the antioxidant power to fight aging, cancer, and heart disease.

but its hard to find blueberry in Indonesia, especially to find the fresh one, but Im lucky yesterday I found it on the market,its already became a blueberry jam but its okay.. :D I plan to eat it in my oatmeal,but earlier I wondering what should I eat for lunch, I still have some egg, and also still have a wheat, and a milk. so I put the oatmeal later and decide to made a pancake because its super easy...(its more easy than made and oatmeal, cooking oatmeal are very boring.. >_>)

I dont made the pancake have fancy serving like I usually does to my food, but I still take a picture of it.. :D


here in case you wanted to try the recipe (I dont use grams to precise the amount, because I just cook basic on my feeling.. ^^; )

1 tea cup of milk
1 tea cup of wheat flour
1 egg
1 tea spoon of honey (in case you wanted it to be super sweet, becouse the blueberry jam already sweet)

mixed up in the all the ingredient

pour it into a frying pan.. :) in a small fire please, just wait until it half cook

than, I spread the blueberry jam, put some melting cheese that already cut really2 small, I folded the pancake.. and let it cook a bit..and its done, its easy,its fast and supeeer delicious..
yummm the sensation when the blueberry and the cheese melting together in my mouth..


btw, right now, I cant open my facebook, my Deviantart, and my multiply.. its worsen than yesterday.. >_>;


Im trying to working one of the commission, and planing to finish it, and send it to the client as soon as possible, I hope the internet dont mes up with meh.. :(
and I cant open my paypal to,,,,


Sunday, July 12, 2009

HELP!!! Low internet connection

since yesterday, 12 July 2009, I cant get proper aces to my deviantart, Facebook,photobucket,Multiply nor my other website..
the internet connection are very..very low I cant get to anything..and this is kinda frustrating, I only manage to open my Google account, they are work properly, I could use my Yahoo Messenger to (sumtimes) but not other internet connection.

My friend from the yahoo Messenger (from Indonesia), tell me he experience the same thing, and when I checking out my friend status bar, they are all upset because the internet connection are suck..

not only this is frustrating, but what happen to my job??? I've got a deadline today for one of my commissioner and I already promise to finish the pic now.. but I cant upload anything to DA.. *A*

huks.. hiks.. its so terrible sloooooow.. I know that I have plenty of notes on DA that waiting for me.. but I cant get to them..>_< I think the best way for me now is to wait..*sigh
GOD! why Indonesia having stupid connection like this?? why... oh whyyyyy

and the problem is.. HOW could I notify all My client about this problem.. argh..argh..

Friday, July 10, 2009

July, current project

project for this month and all have to be done in end of July,2009

-draft/sketch of L.U.V comic, 200 pages
-4 commission, break down; one simple color commission,14 pages of comic commission(the comics are for three different person )
-sending the high res file for the board game Singapore, fix messed up part here and there so it look more fancy (they said there is no revision, ameen! )
-still waiting layout revision from Erlanga publisher, if the review is done, will start the sketch and ink progress. phew Im gonna get busy..=_=;
- musti,wajib,harus,kudu,bikin NPWP.. hareh geneh gak punya nomer pajak?? apa kate dunia... *lol*
-joining some money prizes contest? (do i still have the time? *A* )

did I miss sumthing?? hm?? its feel like it.. I hope I remember sooner..

gambatte ne Archieeee!!!

Cover design part two

wihiiiiw *roll over*

finally its done.. this is the cover that I send to the editor.. I dunno if the editor like it or not, I just send the email today.. and maybe will get the answer in Monday.. ^^; *pray*

my personal opinion is, its look much better from the previous, its fresh, its funny, and most of all, I like the font and the pink thingy doesn't look eww..
but that's is my personal opinion.. ^_^.. how bout yours?
the previous cover is made in photoshop, and took me so freaking long time.. and its just hit me.. why the hell I dont use Painter x instead, its more friendly user, and I like painter better.. *doh..

and its finish in no time, with much..much..much.. better result.. :D (i think)
so here you go, C&C are very welcome.. ^^


Thursday, July 9, 2009


my ex have new lover.. and even we broke up for a long time..
still its feels so damn hurt..and jealous.. and envy.. and any others bad feelings that struggling in my heart..made my throat kinda feel choked..

and even I already found a new lover to, but still those 4 years in the past with my ex are memories that I just cant get over it easily..
even if rite now Im in love sooo much with my new lover, and the person that are beside me now its such a sweet and caring person.. who dont care how bad person I am.. who willing to take me as I am.. (not to mention a great lover and partner to.. :P )

but I dunno..
its feel sum thing is missing.. there is a hole in my heart and I just realize it now..

well I have to get over it sooner or later, what past is past.. now I have to concentrate to my work..

work RC, work!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


the editor ask me to design some cover for the comic promotion, i used to made the comic cover always in the end of the project..
but because its for promotion, I gotta do it sooner.. =_=;

I have no idea what Im going to do for the cover, like today I just wasting my time thinking about ideas, the colors, the layout, the font until my back are hurt.. and GOD!
event its look cute, but I really really really really really really really HATE the result.. its look to.. I dunno, to cheesy? to girly ?to childish? to sweet.. eww

I know what Im going to write is a shojo manga.. but after a long long time, not dealing with this stuff.. I dunno,, its feel so ewww.. hahhaha

argh.. Im not satisfied with this pic, even if this pic took me so freaking hours..0_o;
I hope tomorrow I could done some cover, and much more great than this one.. I dont wanted to make lame cover.. I want to make its GREAT..

*gezzz the font really make me wanted to puke.. I gotta go to dafont.. and hunt some great font there, and not just writing stupit letters with tablet like thiz..

Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Edit Sketch with Photoshop

this is Fantasy Sketch Tutorial.. :) so many step, but its all are simple and easy, I hope this tut will help.. :D

first, this is the sketch that I already scan and put it into potoshop, the yellow/orange lines are the layout that I made with coloured pencil before I started the sketch. the file are made into RGB mode.

type ctrl+l (level command) this is to make the line from the pencil more black, and the grey tones, turn into more withe, because the scanner result dont catch the whole lines, the level command make the lines become more visible and strong.

type ctrl+ U this is hue/saturation command, turn he saturation into -100,I use this so the yellow/orange from color pencil became grey.

type ctrl+b, into the pencil mode, and with white colours, I clean the grey area that I dont wanted to be on the pic.

after I clean up everything, this is the result

the pic is on the background layer, and its locked, to change it, I simply copy the background into 'background copy', throw away the background, and make another one by copy the 'background copy', into 'background copy 2'.

I change the layer 'background copy 2'. who are on top layer 'background copy'. into Gaussian blur.

the layer 'background copy 2' who are now became blur,I change it into screen mode, and adjust the opacity.

on top layer layer 'background copy 2' 2' I add another layer (layer one) change it into overlay mode and put so many colours in 'layer 1' as I like with big round soft airbrush ^_^..

I found some nice texture , drag it to the pic

the texture layer (layer 2) are placed in the bottom layer, and I change the layer 'background copy' into overlay mode. change the 'layer2' opacity, so the colour not that strong, and the pic merge nicely with the texture..

and its all done. :D

the sketch : step by step

the Result