Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Project!

rrrr let me seee..
-Christmas cover coloring book
-finished the LUV comic (inked 140 page, toned 190 page, make the back and front cover to )
-9 chibi commission
-11 comic page for Ariade
-next chapter of broken winter???

For LUV comic project, I wanted it to be finish in the end of this moth, is sound very much impossible, but it wont hurt me to have highs hope right.. XD, I dunno if I could spare some times for the commission tough, especially if Kale already send me the script for Broken winter.. arghhhh im going to die...X_X
but there is no time to die people! just roll as fast as I can!!

but I gotta make some work management plan or sumthing to make this work, stop fooling around and get everything serious..*sigh*
will I be able to do that?
I hope so *crossing fingers* (hey.. if my finger cross I wont be able to work! )


asna said...

Yeah.. you better finish all of it or you won't rest in peace :P
Bikin jadwal deadline gitchu lho, sama nge-cut semua hiburan keluar rumah sampe ada/ semua proyek beres.. ho berarti ga boleh ke PasKom ntar kalo lom ada kerjaan beres hi hi hi

macangadungan said...

well chii, i CANT WAIT to buy your comic! XDDD

good luck!

Celeste84 said...

@_@ isn't this a case of your eyes being too big for your tummy? just don't work yourself until you collapse chie!