Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Client always right?

I read from the, than NO client not always right.. especially if they ask sumthing crap and we just dont like it..

buuuut in my position.. I think I'll go what ever that suit me the best.. I mean there's are many factor to do what Clients want.. and we use discussion to.. so its win-win solution..

but sumtimes. when I get low paying jobs, I will lower my skill so the client will afford it, or maybe lower my skill just because the client really want my style look like that.

and I do it. because its the best for both of us, and for material factor, it will benefit me..
but for the other factor.. I feel like crap! =A=, my ego feel so damn hurt man.. I know I could done sumthing better but when the result are to simple for my taste Im kinda feel eww..and if the people know that Im the one who made that crap.. ugh its gonna be so humiliating..
XD hahha

but after the times flies I think I can manage that.. work in this business there is sumthing more than ego and pride as an artist.. and I should bare that..

btw 3 project are done I guess.. two more are still waiting for aproval.. but I think I could a bit more relax than before.. :D
one of the projects is a Broken Winter, you can click it to find out what it is..

and another one is this..

do you think is crapy?

its for the children coloring book, I still have to wait for the approval or maybe some revision.. I so hope there will be no revision.. *sigh.. =_=


asna said...

children coloring book kok udah ada colors nya?

Archie Journal said...

covernyah inih.. kena revisi pula.. wkwkwkwk

untung revisi minor.. edit diPSD langsung jadi.. :D

asna said...

Oh, covernya.. apanya yang direvisi? disuru tambahin kipas angin di lobang pesawatnya entu? khe khe khe :P

Archie-The-RedCat said...

nggak revisianyah cuman layout doang sama menara yang katanyah kayak salib ^^; sekarang lagi nunggu bayaran.. heheheheh

JHONI said...

wah komikus ya?!?!?!? salam kenal.....saya juga hobby corat-coret allnya heheheheh

Celeste84 said...

it's very "simple", but it's not crap chie - i think it's great that you can adjust your style to suit the clients. and honestly, with a children's colouring book it NEEDS to be simple for the children; complicated works look lovely, but what young child can colour them in?

Archie The RedCat said...

@ jhoni, ya komikus ya ilustrator.. XD salam kenal juga
@ Celeste, thankyou for the support.. XD but this one got minor revision,, hahahah *sigh*

I know what you mean, but its still feel crappy, I know I could make sumthing simple but more cute than this..XD but the client hate it.. XD