Friday, October 30, 2009


yes, I made another BLOG, finally, all about my rants in Comic industry..only comic, and in Indonesian language only..
there maybe a gossip to about all my related client,rival and another comic artist around me.. XD haha who knows..

but that doesn't mean I will neglected this blog..:D I will be keep posting.. :D hehe after all I need a place to rant about everything.. just realize my blog hits already reach 2000.. should I celebrate it.. :p?

actually I want to posted some recipe and bento picture.. but I haven't had the chance.. (sory for everyone that already requested for the recipe )right now Im juggling into more than 5 project at once..

I read in the here that freelancer tend to take job more than he/she could afford to be done..
I think I got the same case.. +_+; *pheeew

now all I have to do is slowly finish everything all I might..step by step and pray everything is done perfectly so I can take a nap again..

after quit for my studio, I always think that I could lazy around and stuff, surprisingly Im busier than before.. :D is that a good news or bad?
who knows..(I think is a good thing because my income rising to.. XD yeaaay! )

there are some problem with my body, my shoulder hurt like hell, and now I cant drawing for fun. *i have no time.. * sob..sob..

but no time to cry,, lets rollll people!!

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Celeste84 said...

chie, that's great news! more clients means more people are appreciating you ^_^

work hard and never give up!!

and make sure you look after yourself alright? :< not good to hear you aren't feeling 100%