Tuesday, October 20, 2009

nugelo mawa runtah

in Monday I going out for a fun, like usual if Im going out.. I have to pack myself with bento.. why..? because I eat more than 2 times a day.. and if I dont pack my self with lunch.. I will make my self broke keep buying food and stuff..+_+ I guess my stomach is hollow.. XD.

first, the pack of lunch is are so ordinary, and kinda scramble you know.. than just because I browse up the bento link.. its make me kinda jealous and says.. hey.. I can do that tooo, I can make some kawai bento to and make everyone who see my bento drools up and want to try my cook.. XD (yeah Im such a show of.. )

I like to cook , and my cooking skill are somehow are passed down from my father.. (just put everything inside the cooping that look and taste good) we both hunger a lot.. and because mom go out to work.. we were deserted in or house without anything to eat..but there some ingredient in the refrigerator.. well lets make sumthing from there than.. XD

that is why I began like to cook, I cook my self when Im hungry, at midnight or early in the morning.. sometimes the cooking tasted great, but yeah, so many times it FAILED and tasted like crap.. but I still eat it .. hahahhaha

well anyway.. here is my FIRST kawai bento.. XD

its rice mold with nori, some peas, tomato and sausage, the freaking man is from potato Crockett with melting cheese inside..and the faces are from nori..
yummie? hell yeah?

its so great I wish I could married my self! hahahhahaha

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Anonymous said...

what's the point between ur story and the nugelo mawa runtah?