Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Helliossa Raw Sketch Preview

commission batch for Helliossa, each pic are 11 euro

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Larc~en~ciel Concert at Jakarta 2012

So they Finally here! My hero, my inspiration, my muse in drawing and Illustration!
my debuted comic White Feathers using one of their single Tittle, and working page per page of the comic while listening to their song.
Hyde,Tetchan, Ken,and Yukihiro are finally held a concert in Jakarta Indonesia. after waiting for 10 years long since the first time I listen to their song, they finally here.

I still can't believe this is real!
I mean, since that 10 years time line there always a gossips and hoax that Laruku will come to Indonesia, but it never ever coming true.. until now ^O^
I'm so grateful that I be able to watch their show live, watching all the band member clearly in front of my eyes.
me and my friend are buying the Premium ticket, but we lucky enough to stand in front  the row near the VIP class haha!
the pic above are taken from my friend Sister who standing beside me ^^
(  I dont brought any camera because of the rule.. what and obedient fans am I? )

From Bandung 6 person go to the concert, Me, Lan, Lan sister Yeny, Rama, Ai, and Okky.
we go from Bandung at 11 AM in the morning, and arrive at Senayan (where the concert held ) at 2 PM.
we take our ticket without have to wait that long, and because the concert gate open at 4 we decide to go to the mall first, and  eat some lunch and killing some time.
in the mall we meet up with  Tessa and her  friends who also joining us to watch the concert.
we back at Senayan and the crowds are everywhere. they said the people who attend the concert hit 10.000 people. woow *A* that's amazing!

When we get into the line to enter the concert, some people interrupt or line, its very upsetting..
but its okay because we come there to see Laruku concert, not to fight.
when all the people already on the concert place,the weather are very bad, thunder ,lighting, and sometimes little rain pouring down on us the audience, its almost  look like its gonna be a storm.
and because this is an outdoor concert, the committee said they going to postpone the concert if there gonna be a heavy rain.
I  worried that time.. but I'm glad the rain stop, the sky is clear, and the concert started.

First time I see them in front of my eyes.. O_O they are realll! Hyde are so short and petite LOL
but when he start to singing... gwahhhh I'm jaw dropping. So freaking awesome!
according  to Lan he sing 15 song nonstop until finally a little break for other member solo and rest for drink.
and  while singing, he so energetic, he shaking his hips and jumping around like a flea, so much power in a body that small.
And everything is perfect! I can  see and  hear clearly all the member amazing performance, the music and the voice blend in harmony, its a live performance, but its feel like I listening to their CD.
Never once I hear Hyde loosing his Voice, or Tetchan and Ken do a mistake on their chord, while Yuki nontsop hitting his drum passionately.

This is one of the best thing that happens to my live, one of my dreams are come true..
one dreams than when me and friend chatting while watching their concert 8 years ago, saying that we all wanted to watch their concert, but is seem so impossible back then.
but dreams do come true. its feel like a miracle to me and my friend.

I hope Laruku will coming back soon and do more concert in Indonesia.
we will be waiting.
and we promise to watch them again.
Thank you for coming to our country Laruku, thank you for making my dreams come true.