Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its raining again

Bandung.. my beloved city..

now almost everyday the rain falling down..
I actually loved the rain.. when Im at home.. staring at the window watching the raindrops pouring on the windows glasses and sumtimes thunders and lighting struck.. and Im a little bit shocked.. and than giggle a bit because it so amusing..
I like the rain coz it make me feel solitude, some how I feel isolated.. to the out side world.. its only me against the sound of raindrops

I like rain cos its fell so cold and I will be shivering. cuddle up in my bed under my warm and tender blanket.. I will sleep all day long.. while listening to the sound when the mother nature cried

I like the rain..
the rain gave me peaceful feeling

I like the rain..
because of the rain never stop.. flood disaster everywhere..
and not only that.. disease like cold and flu goes everywhere..

almost all my friend got sick..
and I fell so sad

yesterday I walking slowly under the rain... I want to fell the rain pouring down on me..
hm.. well yesterday Im in sorta melancholic mood.. so I decide to get wet under the rain.. :d
felling freely like when I as a kitten and dancing under the rain..

but the days afterward.. I got a migraine..
I cant focus in anything.. I skip out work.. I dont do My comics.. I dont do nothing right..
I wasting my time because my head feel so hurt..
I hate it..

but even tough this migraine killing me softly.. and makin me wasting my time here..
I still loved the rain..

you know what..
I think I wanted to walk under the rain again..

but not today.. :P

Friday, March 14, 2008

wuanjeeeer RUNGSING pisaaaan!!!

I wanna bang my head to the wall.. I wanna bang my head to the wall

somebody pleasee shoot my head!!
I fell so damn tired! I feel so drained.. Im tired.. Im tiredddd like almost past out.. like my soul is been taking out from my body..
so much to do.. so little time to spent..
Ow God what have I done..
and why. even so desperateI am felling so tired like this, some how I like it a lot.. blah.!!

raise your head up! stand strong! wake up! wake Up! no time to complain! nothing can put me down!!


:)) the hell ..
Ready steady go! FIGHTOOOOOOO!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pervert Lil' Bastard

Pervert to the bone..

that what my aniki tough about me once.. (he even made a comic strip about it.. XD )
my colleague said Im maniac.. and my best friend call me with nick names like sukebe-chan (sukebe = pervert) or Prof. Sukebe

but I guess I pervert in a cute way.. (gyahahaha.. I dont think anyone said pervert is cute beside my self)
well because I think.. all my pervie thing is just a joke.. I dont really meant it.. I mean.. I dont do pervert stuff to others or to my self.. ^^; I just pervert in what I said and pervert when Im making some comic or tell some ideas..

but sumtimes I fell that Im so damn pervert.. is it because Im to honest? because I say what Im thinking just like that? because its just the way I am?

believe me.. I am pervert.. but not in the bad way..
Im still that cute lil' kitten that you want to hug and cuddle.. :P

hey did I allready tell you that Im honest? * LoL*