Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Blog seems dead.. :D

hmmm Im wonder what Im going to write.. so many good things to me lately.. (well there is a bad thing also, but Im a optimist person, so lets focus on the positive thing okay)

aniweyyy, thank you guys for the suggestion in my previous blog, its really lighten up my heart. I try my best to be discipline.
I always think my self as an lazy ass cat. but people around me sez that im quite productive.. @_@;

is this because I surrounded by phlegmatic people? I dont want to blame my surroundings.. and If I have a problem, that is sumthing that comes inside me..not by others.
but should I find someone with high ambition so I will have the same spirit to? hum.. so many people to look up to..
some one who could slap me in reality when I try to get away from responsible..

I think I need a manager..