Monday, May 23, 2011

Doodle Dump

learning how to make cell shading like anime style..
Its harder that I think I dont know where to put the shading so its look catchy enough O_O;;
oh well..

Friday, May 20, 2011


another commission work for or the Yaoi press and Yamila Abraham, this time its for Beloved series.
during the progress I ask Omupied to watch my back. I mean to tell me if there's sumthing wrong about the painting.
and boy sure hes assertive, the revision are back and forth, and I wont be able to rest until the quality are fine.

compare to him, I still amateurism, but he tell me not to worry because I will become better during my progress.
the key is open to knowledge, and never stop learning.

this commission make me feel like Im breaking my bone XD its a handwork, its drained my soul, but its awesome experience.
I juts hope I cant truly be able to be better in the future.
well than here are the commission progress:

at first like always, I always provide 2 sketch

she pick sketch one, so I made the clean sketch first :

and after that, the painting progress

and here is the final result :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

May project

currently working on.
-Broken winter
-Y press cover commission.
-Helliosa commission
-Kyouki Commission
-Ariade Commission.

dont have any time to have fun with my personal art until my heart ache..

but this what I choose, so Im going to finish it with all my might and still having fun.
after all, this is my dream job
yosh! Fighttttooooo!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Incubus Master : Cover Commission

Incubus master is a popular erotic illustrated Yaoi novel, Written by Yamila Abraham (Winter Demon, Dark Prince).
and recently I made a cover commission for the Yaoi press and Yamila Abraham herself.
the cover are about Scor and Rowan.
like always after I read the briefing, I always gave my client 2 sketches to interpret the briefing in my visualization, here is the sketch.

Ms.Yamilla approved the second one best, but she ask me to change Rowan face, because I misinterpret Rowan as an hardcore uke, while actually hes a person who are also lusting for Scor, the monster man.

so here the revision and the progress for the cover.

and here is the final result, :D

Im glad when Ms. Yamila said she loved the result, and wanted me to do another cover for her.
yeay for that XD.
mean while If you guys are excited and interested with adult content yaoi story about Incubus master.
please check out Art for Incubus Master: Scor's Story 2 © 2011 Yaoi Press All Rights Reserved

I liek dolls

yess finally my baby girl head are ariveeeee XD
kinda feel scary right now I only got the head.. LOL.
but still its very exciting XD I always want this from long2 time ago.

Actually what I really want is candy girl from Orient company 1;1 human size like this

hahahaha XD but yeah Im really serious I want one.
my closes friend already know about my interest for this dutch wife thingies. and I know its kinda sound insane..XD
its almost Impossible to purchase a candy girl at my economic state. maybe later if I already a billionaire, one candy girl posing in my room will probably really2 awesome thing XD haha.
well because I cant get a candy girl for now, my interest turn into more petite size of dolls, arte tokio a silicone seamless doll. but the price also impossible.. LOL

so the next victim are ??.. yesss a BJD.

because the price, Im very picky with this kinda thing, I browse and research their faces, size, pose etc, just to find that I loved most.
I already like the head but I haven't had the chance to find the body yet.. =_=a all the body I see cant fulfill to my interest, and when I see body type I like, I cant buy it without their heads.. ah confusing isn't it.
but I know someday my pretty baby girl will have its own body for sure :D just wait and see.

oh well.. here if you want to peek my doll head that just recently arrived from the store to my lap :D

oh yeah, I haven't gave her make up yet.. its more creepy also she have a very long black hair..

and here is with her base make up

she already got a name, but I wont tell if she still a head.. LOL