Sunday, May 1, 2011

Incubus Master : Cover Commission

Incubus master is a popular erotic illustrated Yaoi novel, Written by Yamila Abraham (Winter Demon, Dark Prince).
and recently I made a cover commission for the Yaoi press and Yamila Abraham herself.
the cover are about Scor and Rowan.
like always after I read the briefing, I always gave my client 2 sketches to interpret the briefing in my visualization, here is the sketch.

Ms.Yamilla approved the second one best, but she ask me to change Rowan face, because I misinterpret Rowan as an hardcore uke, while actually hes a person who are also lusting for Scor, the monster man.

so here the revision and the progress for the cover.

and here is the final result, :D

Im glad when Ms. Yamila said she loved the result, and wanted me to do another cover for her.
yeay for that XD.
mean while If you guys are excited and interested with adult content yaoi story about Incubus master.
please check out Art for Incubus Master: Scor's Story 2 © 2011 Yaoi Press All Rights Reserved

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