Friday, May 20, 2011


another commission work for or the Yaoi press and Yamila Abraham, this time its for Beloved series.
during the progress I ask Omupied to watch my back. I mean to tell me if there's sumthing wrong about the painting.
and boy sure hes assertive, the revision are back and forth, and I wont be able to rest until the quality are fine.

compare to him, I still amateurism, but he tell me not to worry because I will become better during my progress.
the key is open to knowledge, and never stop learning.

this commission make me feel like Im breaking my bone XD its a handwork, its drained my soul, but its awesome experience.
I juts hope I cant truly be able to be better in the future.
well than here are the commission progress:

at first like always, I always provide 2 sketch

she pick sketch one, so I made the clean sketch first :

and after that, the painting progress

and here is the final result :)


Hendra TP said...

Eh chie itu yg B/W ke Color langsung ditimpa pake warna baru pake Layer mode Normal ato Color??

oh iya, aq lebi suka color balance sebelom final result, lebih vivid and cocok ke temanya (maybe just personal taste ^^)

[L]ain said...

awalnya cuman coretan biasa yang nggak terlalu waw..
pada akhirnya SANGAT WAW!!!!!

bagi orang yang ga ngerti komik, ini keren banget. Asli. Sungguh.