Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comic or Painting?

soooo.. this is my dilemma since Im very young..
I really2 like to draw, since the first time I could hold a pencil to draw,its became my hobby than, and maybe more, because drawing for me is like eating and drinking, I cant live without it every day.

that hobby also turn me into a comic artist,while back then when Im young, I always believe Im going to be a painter.

being comic artist is the best thing that ever happens to me, its like a goal in my life, I want to be a comic artist! I'll risk my live to achieve those goal,and I know I will die in pain if i stop being a comic artist :D

but than I realize, here in my country, comic artist is not a kinda job that could support my live.. I have to find another job.. I know actually if my love are that big for being a comic artist, I should move to another country where comic artist will live ever after with the dream job right..? unfortunately I also in love with my home city Bandung. and I wont leave it just like that.. ^^;.
I will try the best I can so I can be a wealthy comic artist and in the same time still life happily her in Bandung.. (greedy) :D

anywei, as you know, not only trying hard to be a comic artist, I also doing illustration and painting to support my live.
I like painting to, hey its a basic of drawing, and actually doing comic and painting are also a drawing. so I must be very happy I could make money from sumthing I dear the most right..
well yeah, Im extremlyyyyy happy.. but the problem is.. (why people always have a problem even if their life is perfect i wonder.. =_= ) I cant focus between doing comic and painting.

I want to be a great comic artist, ad how greedy I am, I want to be a great painter to, and if I can learn both in the same time, I wont complain like this..
the time that people use for learning how to paint, i use it to draw a comic.
and time that people use to produce a comic, I use it to learn painting.. *A*
its feel like I don't go anywhere... my friend said that my art improve..I know its improving.. but I know I could improve way much faster if I focused in just one subject.

its feel like people leaving me behind, and Im so freaking slow..
my heart feel hurt, Im jealous and envy seeing so many person around me having so much achievement in subject they focusing on.

and how about me?Im torn in two...

agh I complain to much *catslap*

well at least Im happy with Im doing right?