Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Im grow up now...

yesterday 31 March is My B'day..
and My day is started with so many non stop texts message who congrats me since midnight.. Im happy of course.. but that's kinda made me cant sleep well.. XD

than my mom and dad wake me up early in the morning, pray for me and gave me advice and a future plan, my lil sis gave me a bar of chocolate.. :) thank you all.. *hug*

In the morning like usual, I check my Deviant art Page and made a b'day journal, I cant believe so many friends that congrats me and made me an art gift.. >///< Im so happy!

at noon I go to Zoe Corner and meet my friends, I promise we will have lunch together and I will pay the meal..XD, the person who came that day is, Aulia, Lan, Jejel, Aniki, And Omu. I came late because the rain, and I wore the clothes that Kani gave me for B'day and bracelet from Celeste.. :D.

What a nice suprise, Jejel gave me a Brownies, and Omu bring me a B'day cake.. he actually plan me a bigger surprise, but I already suspicious from the beginning and kinda threat him not to do anything stupid or I will cut him with a butter knife *lol*

after the crazy lunch from noon until late afternoon, we decide to watch horror movie together at Aulia place, bring some snack and cola to have a lil party.. and one of my best friend Mel, decide to join..:)
watching Horror movie kinda hilarious... because the girls keep screaming.. and the boys keep teasing the girls.. XD, the movie its not that scary.(title: Comming Soon ) :P but not bad for a fun.. I wanted to do it gain later..

at home I open the present that Ully and Lan gave me.. and they gave me this..

soooo cweeeeeeeet >//< I like it a looot

thank yo so much for all my friends and lover.. you Guys made this day is a blast of fun!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Arrogant Face

Im not a fan of facebook..
I made my own facebook yeaaars ago.. but never updated it, I hate it because every time I go to the site, all Im doing is click the ignore option..

I dont like all the tags and the invite..and its so much wasting time to clean up the facebook inbox.. same as my email.. now its full of letter from person who try to add me as their friend.. :( its weird because sumtimes I dunno who the hell the person is.. they are not my friends and I dunno about them at all.

last night.. My cousin came, and he sleep at my house... and we talk about lotsa thing till midnight. one of the conversation is about the facebook, we have the same age.. so we kinda close to each other, but because next month he will stay at Kalimantan because of his work, so its gonna be hard for us to keep in touch.. hes kinda protest about why I never use my facebook, even when I have internet connection at my house..

he said if I use face book, we still can chat around and stuff, and keep up with our newest information, I told him the reason,how I hate if I made a comment in facebook every single stranger on my friend list will knew about it..
what? no privacy at all?

I wanted to keep my personal information only to my precious one.. and I hate if some stupid stalker track me down to my family and took our photo album in the internet like its happen before in the past.. :(

but my dearest cousin keep pushing me. and gave me wonderful suggestion..
lets erase all the stranger friend shall we?.. and keep the Facebook account for private and close friend only..that will solve the problem rite?

yeah well... that sure solve the problem..
but now people will even more think that Im an arrogant and egocentric, a snob and big headed bastard..

like hell.. I might be arrogant and a snob, but I will keep my precious family, friends, and lover keep with me..
this face of mine.. will be always mine and for private use only..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kyouki 6 waist up elf

this is Step by step for my Client Kyouki Sumeragi, you all can see the commission result here


somebody said to me before.. that people dont need to see a goddamn step by step.. and they want tutorial instead..

geez.. calm down boi!
okay, I will try to figure out sumthing, next commission I will try to made the tutorial ..
if there's another objection, comment, or advice..
fell free to let me know.. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Friends and Money

I have many popular friends, I have many rich Friends
but they are my friend not because they are rich and famous..
but simply because they loved me..
that's what made them precious


nope...I don't made friends with people just because they rich and popular...but this is happening to my other friend..

well.. its happen to me to years ago.. and my heart kinda broken..
I mean.. geez.. its so cheap! what a lowlife..picking friend from their money?its disgust me, I dont pick friends by their money or because they are popular! I made friends because they have attitude! rrr..wait...

is it means that Im a picky to? everybody have their own categories to pick friends,I dunno if its from their family background, from their hobbies, from their looks, and maybe from their status.. its normal.. so its normal if someone choose friend because they are rich and famous..
and I dont have any rights to judge..
maybe Im not just mad..
Im just jealous that person don't pick me..
just because Im poor..

oh well...
at least Im still amazing

*biar miskin asal sombong..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

thats so sweeet :)

barusan ngobrol tengah malem with my beloved..

gw pura2 jadi dia, dan ngedeskripsiin diri gw sendiri (pas jadi dia) dan gitu pula sebaliknyah
inih dekripsi dia ketika jadi gw
gw posting disinih biar gak lupa.. (because its just to damn sweet to be forgotten )

dia bilang :

impian terbesar gw jd komikus handal...
dan gw sangat bersukur banyak temen2 yg ngedukung gw sampai saat ini...
gw akui gw susah buat suka sama orang...
tp klo itu terjadi dan berbalas,gw ngerasa jd orang yg paling special di dunia...

gw slalu tertarik dan slalu merasa tertantang...
jd jgn menantang gw...
gw juga bukan tipe orang yg suka ngeremehin orang,begitu pula sebalikna...
apa pun yg gw kluarin murni dr diri gw tanpa maksud ngeremehin orang...
tp kadang tanpa sadar gw bikin orang kesinggung...
kadang2 bisa sangat kasar pada orang2 yg gw mau...
kadang2 juga suka kelepasan... bertindak kayak orang nggak bisa mikir
gw orang yg naif,dan suka berbuat semua semau gw...
gw kadang suka di benci orang sama hal2 yg gw lakuin dan mereka anggap kelakkuan gw bodoh/kasar...
tp itulah gw... slalu berusahan berdiri sendiri dengan kedua kaki gw sendiri...

membanggakan diri sendiri adalah cara gw agar tetap kuat...
gw akui gw butuh orang lain,tp gw lebih membutuhkan diri gw sendiri...
banyak orang yg berusaha membantu ato menertawakan gw saat gw terjatuh...
tapi apapun yg terjadi gw akan tetap berdiri dgn kaki gw sendiri...

banyak orang yg baik sama gw,tp jarang yg membuat gw tersentuh...
dan kalau itu terjadi,gw bisa membalas beribu2 kali lipat lebih dr yg mereka lakukan...
gw lebih suka ngerasa spesial tanpa harus diperlakukan spesial

gw suka berubah-ubah dan susah ditebak.. yang pasti gw bisa bikin orang yang gw sayang ngerasa suprise, nggak ngebosenin, jadi penasaran.. dan yang pasti sih.. bikin ketagihan..

wakakakkaka makjaaan .. dia bisa baca pikiran orang jangan2??
pas benerrrr

huwaaaah seneng banget deh dapet yang beginian (mentang2 narsis)

thank you darling.. dadar guling..
I'm addicted to you to..

another one fall..

yesterday.. someone just whisper in my ears softly..

"I love you so much.. "
"I need you..."
"please don't leave me... "

its amazing how words, whisper, heart beat, and body heat could made me so damn shivering..
its feel like WHOAAAA

and I think Im addicted....

I try so hard not to write anything to much love-love in my blog.. but my love life seems full of drama.. lol...(its so interesting to write .. but I think its not a good thing.. is it? )
just like a soap opera.. or a shoujo manga..

I even could made many good script from it XD hahaha.. but its real.. its happen to me, its not just some romance story that came out from a book..
and its involve so many human feeling (sheeez)..
Im a lucky bastard..guilty as charge..
I dunno what future may hold.. but I just roll with the flow..

my love..even if its forbidden.. Im so lucky to have you.. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scary Potion...

A week ago..
My sister gave me a weird potion for diet..
She is one of the member of this multy level marketing who sell medicine for detox, diet program and other health issue..
and she said that the product are very popular and works great! her husband use it to, and became skinny, healthy, and look more brighter lol
and losta her friend use it. and the feed back are positive...

actually I dont need any diet.. Im all ready skinny(except my belly part) and small.. the last thing I want is becoming shrink more than ever.. >_>
but I interested with the detox program.. I know that I eat a lot of junk food, (I dunno why but junk food always taste good) I want to clean up my colon, and wanted to be more healthy..
so I drink the potion..

it taste really weird.. and my sister said.. I have to drink a lot of water after I drink the potion, because the potion will became jello in my stomach..

okay.. to be honest.. Im eat like a monster.. I could eat heavy meal like 4-5 times a day.. not mention the snack..phew... so I sort that kinda person who cant sop eat and chew..(mahluk memamah biak.. lol )

but its very..very.. weird.. after I drink that potion..and I only drink it that one time just for a try out.. I dont feel any hunger.. and you know.. it last for almost 3-4 days...
my stomach feel full every time.. and if I force my self to eat.. I eat very-very little.. I even feel I dont wanted to eat.. and hate seeing to many food in my plate..

I only drinking because Im scared that the jello stuck in my stomach and I cant eat forever..

yes.. to me its such a scary experience.. and I dont like it.. T_T..

I like my self better when Im eating. I like to eat.. as many as I can..
food taste wonderful.. its such a shame if I always feel full and lost my hunger..
I dont want that.. :(

Thank God after a week I get my appetite back..
but I fell sumthing different with my body.. its feel more fresh.. and light.. :D

and my sister ask me if I wanted to continue the detox program..

hm..should I continue? Im still scared..
now Im confuse..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

manajemen waktos

right now Im sort of became a manager for some one.
I wake him up in the morning, remind him time to eat, time to work, and time to rest, I check out his note and his job desk, replying to his notes and contacts with client,
I provide him the reference for his work and gave him briefing that I translate from the client so he could understand easily.
I also check the quality of his work, gave him revision and edited some part, everything have to be perfect for the sake of the client.
and that's not all, Im the one who decide his job salary, his income and his personal money account.
he is fully trust on me, and I do the best thing I could to help him.

so far, he satisfied with my work as his manager, so far.. Im satisfied with my own work.

nnn.. actually..
Im kinda jealous..
Damn.. I wanna have manager like my self to!, some one who fully dedicated his/her life to take care of me, take care of my client, take care my income..
find me some reference and gave me short briefing so I can work easily.
If I have a manager like that... I know my life will be more easy..

now, not only became manager for others, I have to be manager for my self to.
arrange the schedule, the income, and every single little thing in my life..

and to be honest.. its a hard job..
I have problem with discipline... if Im the one who decide for my self, when is the right time to work, or to behave, I always have excuses to ditch away.. pffft..

I know I cant get mad to my self.. so I always choose time to relax than to work..
I made schedule that I put In front of my desk... its just schedule..and Im not bound to obey it..
its feel silly..

If Im not obey the schedule, than why I must made a schedule in the first place??

I like sumthing spontaneous and rely to my mood swing, its a fun thing and Im very happy with my life
but my logic tell me that Im wasting my time, and this kinda life is useless.. I could achieve sumthing much more better than this,if only I could be discipline and manage my time perfectly..
I know that all the succeed people in this world, is the people that know how to be discipline and know how to use their time with out wasting it..

but do I wanted to be succeed??

I just wanna be happy..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I've been from Heaven and come back..

Ive been from Heaven and come back..

Okay that sound hyperbolic..

well actually, yesterday I came to heaven on earth, in Indonesia exactly, Cibodas, West Java..

Its started a week ago when me and My friend browsing about Sakura Tree that grow in Indonesia, and there it is on Cibodas Botanical garden, but the blossom season is over, so we have to wait until September, and we just browsing what kinda place Cibodas Botanical garden is, while browsing we kinda feel shock with how amazing the place is from the photo on Wikipedia.. and spontaneously we scream LETS GO THERE!!

and yesterday we sure did!
8 in the morning we go using Toyota APV, 8 people including the driver , me, Aulia, Lan Alexia, Melody, Apouy La Jollie,Yohanes, And Omupied.

the trips fine, no traffic jam, we very much enjoy the view.. we are all chatterbox and made the crowd in the car.. we sure have fun! XD
and few hours later, we land our foot in the gate of Cibodas botanical garden, we pay the ticket for
Rp. 15.000 for car
Rp. 2000per head for taxes
Rp. 6000 er head for entry.

and its so beautiful landscape we cant stop WOOWing the whole place..
like totally a bunch stupid people that never saw a forest before
we said WOOOW, UWEEEEE, HUAAAAH, OMG,here and there..

and I think that we just land our foot on shire and hobbiton

we found a river that super clean and fresh, and yeah it so damn cooooldddd.. its like a water from refrigerator.. but so cold that I just want to jump in and have a bath!

we walk deep into the forest, and found the hills where teletubies live, we surely hunt them down until the telletubies scream for help and run for their lives..

to bad, we dont catch them for souvenir.. damn..

at noon, we stop by on rivendell to chat with the elves,the elves are very pretty and wise, they said we cannot disturb the creature in the area even if its only a teletubbies, they said that nearby there is a dragon nest inside the cave, we have to stay quiet so we don't wake up the dragon

the journey continue and we pass a very pretty area such as

Little Water fall

A big pond where Ophelia committed her Suicide

Cactus garden

and in the middle of the forest, we found out a treasure that are so amazing and beautiful!! guess what it is?
Its a sakura treeeeee!!!

the sakura all ready fall, but we found that there is one flower that haven't fall..
this flower is waiting for us to come...
how sweeeet

we are surely happy we start to jump around and roll over! we climb the tree and eat our bentou under the tree to.

the weather is nice, the air is nice, and the view is amazing!!! we are totally happy!!
but we cant stay there forever, its getting late and dark, so we have to go home *sob

bye2 sakura tree, bye-bye, elves and dragon, bye bye botanical garden, I think we are going to go there again in september.. :)

but next trip is going to Batu Karas beach to meet the mermaid.. yipiii!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


tsukurimashooou..tsukurimashouuu... sate..sate.. naniga. dekiru kanna..

hai.. dekimasuta!!!!

today me and My friend going to have a trip to CIBODAS!!
and so I made some bento to carry with me
first I made a Crockett, its very easy..

I taste it a bit and oh my gooood its taste amazing!! It so damn delicious I wanna married my self because I can COOK XD
and LOOK! not ordinary Crockett.. but there is smoke beef with cream cheese inside!! uum yummie :P

buts not all.. I cook my self a fine sweet chicken (ayam kecap ) and noodle seafood (sebenernyah sih bihun.. :D ) with meatball, crab and paprika..

ne.. ne... its look good isn't it? :)well I hope so, because its taste good to.. HAHHAHA

well I bet get ready now.. I dont wanna late cos my friend waiting for me, I will travel with Omupied, Aulia, Lan, Yo,and Apuy

wish we all have a great trip, and having a safe journey..


Thursday, March 5, 2009

step by step

step by step from one of My commissioner Lildarkie,
the character name Kisara, very sweet and moe.. and I draw it with my usual moronyoy style.. LoL

step by step.. u baby...

dang! now I cant get that freaking song out of my mind..

If God took my eyes.

the terror from a red eye cat..


a week before, my eyes got Conjunctivitis, or a pink eye, its a disease that made irritation to the eyes, the symptom is eyes swollen, watery, red, and painful,

and because of it, I cant draw for almost two day.. and two day without drawing feel like totally hell for me..
I cant do anything actually, my eyes are bandage because I use some medicine and put it to my eye ball!

ewww and yes its feel cold and weird.. @_@

owh my eyeee

I cant do nothing rite, that two long day made me feel so useless..
so while Im lay down on my bed..
I think about
what if God took my sight away and I became blind?
what Im going to do with out drawing?

that tough surely put me down.. but in the same time.. now Im very much grateful having my sight back..
Its feel wonderful because now Im healed.. and back to my routine..

drawing hentai....


just reading it..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Partner In Crime

guys! look at this pic!

ain't its amazing? I bet the one who made this is talented person.. :D

I meet Omupied, the artist on early June, at first, we just some friend that say hi on the internet.. until he came to visit me on Studio petshopBox along with one of my childhood friends OnoKintaro, and his friend from Maranatha University Eko.
he wanted to Visit Archie The RedCat, and he sure surprise seeing me up close and personal dat day, gee he sure misunderstood about me when we friends online.. lol.
we have dinner together, and have the click moment.. I could talk with him for hours.. surely taking about art, he have different taste actually, he like America style better than manga.
dunno where its start, soon he interested in manga, and said wanted to be like feimo, so he studied hard..
the same time I studied how to learn using digital coloring, that day Im very clueless.. and got no one to teach me how to use photoshop and painter..

and Im surprised, when I realize that he improve very-very fast.. I feel kinda jealous,dang this bastard is genius, and Im more surprised that this person willing to teach me how to use digital art.. teach me step by step, every single thing that he know about digital coloring..

every Sunday we meet just so he can teach me how to use digital software, he becoming my sensei, and he gave me all his secret, he butcher me with his sharp tongue, he make me like Im the lowest part of the species,yes he teach me with iron fist! very cruel sensei indeed, but the way he teach me is really2 work for me..

because of him I improve fast to.. and after dat,my coloring skill became better, and in some part, I done sumthing much better from him.. and you know what, he jealous with me to,haha ! so we kinda fighting each other , just like a rival destined to fight until the end of our lives.. *hyperbolic..
since that day.. Im lucky to say, that I finally found my match..

yes we fight a lot! fight in the most positive way, and naturally we try to improve each other skill, hand in hand, work together, no matter what..

sumtime he feel betrayed, when I go to another path, like back to my regular anime style, and Im kinda feel prison, because he is so possessive.. we argue, we hate each other.. and after that looking a way so we could connected each other again.

he is stubborn bastard, with very much sharp tongue that will hurt other people pride, but if you know him better, he just honest, not wise actually ^^; but he never lied, and he is humble, he don't mind to gave his secret to other. he don't mind teach other and help someone who needed.

we work together a lot, sumtimes I don't satisfied with the result and butcher his pride, and he went ballistic, and we fight again.. but we find out our own mistake, we forgive each other easily.. and that's just the way we connected.

he best part of him, sumtime I could go prank with him and teasing people, do stupid stuff,talk sarcasm and joke around about people..

so once when we done some prank I laugh and tell him..

me : just like partner in crime eh?
him: *laugh* what ? you and me?
me: yeah..
him.: that is the best word I ever hear to describe our relationship..*giggle*

look at me with devilish eyes.. I look back at him

and we both laughed hard..

damn that feel so nice..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

love is all around..

don't falling love with me..
I might hurt you..

but the worst part

I hurt my self even more

Monday, March 2, 2009

Coloring BooK

this is a commission for Erlangga publisher,its a coloring book for children, the payment is not bad because the task are pretty easy.. :D
and Im kinda lucky for having this commission..

The payment for the first book is all ready sent to my account.. and now Im waiting for the next payment to come..
I hope it wont take to long..