Tuesday, March 17, 2009

manajemen waktos

right now Im sort of became a manager for some one.
I wake him up in the morning, remind him time to eat, time to work, and time to rest, I check out his note and his job desk, replying to his notes and contacts with client,
I provide him the reference for his work and gave him briefing that I translate from the client so he could understand easily.
I also check the quality of his work, gave him revision and edited some part, everything have to be perfect for the sake of the client.
and that's not all, Im the one who decide his job salary, his income and his personal money account.
he is fully trust on me, and I do the best thing I could to help him.

so far, he satisfied with my work as his manager, so far.. Im satisfied with my own work.

nnn.. actually..
Im kinda jealous..
Damn.. I wanna have manager like my self to!, some one who fully dedicated his/her life to take care of me, take care of my client, take care my income..
find me some reference and gave me short briefing so I can work easily.
If I have a manager like that... I know my life will be more easy..

now, not only became manager for others, I have to be manager for my self to.
arrange the schedule, the income, and every single little thing in my life..

and to be honest.. its a hard job..
I have problem with discipline... if Im the one who decide for my self, when is the right time to work, or to behave, I always have excuses to ditch away.. pffft..

I know I cant get mad to my self.. so I always choose time to relax than to work..
I made schedule that I put In front of my desk... its just schedule..and Im not bound to obey it..
its feel silly..

If Im not obey the schedule, than why I must made a schedule in the first place??

I like sumthing spontaneous and rely to my mood swing, its a fun thing and Im very happy with my life
but my logic tell me that Im wasting my time, and this kinda life is useless.. I could achieve sumthing much more better than this,if only I could be discipline and manage my time perfectly..
I know that all the succeed people in this world, is the people that know how to be discipline and know how to use their time with out wasting it..

but do I wanted to be succeed??

I just wanna be happy..

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