Thursday, March 5, 2009

If God took my eyes.

the terror from a red eye cat..


a week before, my eyes got Conjunctivitis, or a pink eye, its a disease that made irritation to the eyes, the symptom is eyes swollen, watery, red, and painful,

and because of it, I cant draw for almost two day.. and two day without drawing feel like totally hell for me..
I cant do anything actually, my eyes are bandage because I use some medicine and put it to my eye ball!

ewww and yes its feel cold and weird.. @_@

owh my eyeee

I cant do nothing rite, that two long day made me feel so useless..
so while Im lay down on my bed..
I think about
what if God took my sight away and I became blind?
what Im going to do with out drawing?

that tough surely put me down.. but in the same time.. now Im very much grateful having my sight back..
Its feel wonderful because now Im healed.. and back to my routine..

drawing hentai....


just reading it..

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