Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scary Potion...

A week ago..
My sister gave me a weird potion for diet..
She is one of the member of this multy level marketing who sell medicine for detox, diet program and other health issue..
and she said that the product are very popular and works great! her husband use it to, and became skinny, healthy, and look more brighter lol
and losta her friend use it. and the feed back are positive...

actually I dont need any diet.. Im all ready skinny(except my belly part) and small.. the last thing I want is becoming shrink more than ever.. >_>
but I interested with the detox program.. I know that I eat a lot of junk food, (I dunno why but junk food always taste good) I want to clean up my colon, and wanted to be more healthy..
so I drink the potion..

it taste really weird.. and my sister said.. I have to drink a lot of water after I drink the potion, because the potion will became jello in my stomach..

okay.. to be honest.. Im eat like a monster.. I could eat heavy meal like 4-5 times a day.. not mention the snack..phew... so I sort that kinda person who cant sop eat and chew..(mahluk memamah biak.. lol )

but its very..very.. weird.. after I drink that potion..and I only drink it that one time just for a try out.. I dont feel any hunger.. and you know.. it last for almost 3-4 days...
my stomach feel full every time.. and if I force my self to eat.. I eat very-very little.. I even feel I dont wanted to eat.. and hate seeing to many food in my plate..

I only drinking because Im scared that the jello stuck in my stomach and I cant eat forever..

yes.. to me its such a scary experience.. and I dont like it.. T_T..

I like my self better when Im eating. I like to eat.. as many as I can..
food taste wonderful.. its such a shame if I always feel full and lost my hunger..
I dont want that.. :(

Thank God after a week I get my appetite back..
but I fell sumthing different with my body.. its feel more fresh.. and light.. :D

and my sister ask me if I wanted to continue the detox program..

hm..should I continue? Im still scared..
now Im confuse..

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