Monday, March 23, 2009

Friends and Money

I have many popular friends, I have many rich Friends
but they are my friend not because they are rich and famous..
but simply because they loved me..
that's what made them precious


nope...I don't made friends with people just because they rich and popular...but this is happening to my other friend..

well.. its happen to me to years ago.. and my heart kinda broken..
I mean.. geez.. its so cheap! what a lowlife..picking friend from their money?its disgust me, I dont pick friends by their money or because they are popular! I made friends because they have attitude! rrr..wait...

is it means that Im a picky to? everybody have their own categories to pick friends,I dunno if its from their family background, from their hobbies, from their looks, and maybe from their status.. its normal.. so its normal if someone choose friend because they are rich and famous..
and I dont have any rights to judge..
maybe Im not just mad..
Im just jealous that person don't pick me..
just because Im poor..

oh well...
at least Im still amazing

*biar miskin asal sombong..

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