Sunday, March 22, 2009

another one fall..

yesterday.. someone just whisper in my ears softly..

"I love you so much.. "
"I need you..."
"please don't leave me... "

its amazing how words, whisper, heart beat, and body heat could made me so damn shivering..
its feel like WHOAAAA

and I think Im addicted....

I try so hard not to write anything to much love-love in my blog.. but my love life seems full of drama.. lol...(its so interesting to write .. but I think its not a good thing.. is it? )
just like a soap opera.. or a shoujo manga..

I even could made many good script from it XD hahaha.. but its real.. its happen to me, its not just some romance story that came out from a book..
and its involve so many human feeling (sheeez)..
Im a lucky bastard..guilty as charge..
I dunno what future may hold.. but I just roll with the flow..

my love..even if its forbidden.. Im so lucky to have you.. :)

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