Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Partner In Crime

guys! look at this pic!

ain't its amazing? I bet the one who made this is talented person.. :D

I meet Omupied, the artist on early June, at first, we just some friend that say hi on the internet.. until he came to visit me on Studio petshopBox along with one of my childhood friends OnoKintaro, and his friend from Maranatha University Eko.
he wanted to Visit Archie The RedCat, and he sure surprise seeing me up close and personal dat day, gee he sure misunderstood about me when we friends online.. lol.
we have dinner together, and have the click moment.. I could talk with him for hours.. surely taking about art, he have different taste actually, he like America style better than manga.
dunno where its start, soon he interested in manga, and said wanted to be like feimo, so he studied hard..
the same time I studied how to learn using digital coloring, that day Im very clueless.. and got no one to teach me how to use photoshop and painter..

and Im surprised, when I realize that he improve very-very fast.. I feel kinda jealous,dang this bastard is genius, and Im more surprised that this person willing to teach me how to use digital art.. teach me step by step, every single thing that he know about digital coloring..

every Sunday we meet just so he can teach me how to use digital software, he becoming my sensei, and he gave me all his secret, he butcher me with his sharp tongue, he make me like Im the lowest part of the species,yes he teach me with iron fist! very cruel sensei indeed, but the way he teach me is really2 work for me..

because of him I improve fast to.. and after dat,my coloring skill became better, and in some part, I done sumthing much better from him.. and you know what, he jealous with me to,haha ! so we kinda fighting each other , just like a rival destined to fight until the end of our lives.. *hyperbolic..
since that day.. Im lucky to say, that I finally found my match..

yes we fight a lot! fight in the most positive way, and naturally we try to improve each other skill, hand in hand, work together, no matter what..

sumtime he feel betrayed, when I go to another path, like back to my regular anime style, and Im kinda feel prison, because he is so possessive.. we argue, we hate each other.. and after that looking a way so we could connected each other again.

he is stubborn bastard, with very much sharp tongue that will hurt other people pride, but if you know him better, he just honest, not wise actually ^^; but he never lied, and he is humble, he don't mind to gave his secret to other. he don't mind teach other and help someone who needed.

we work together a lot, sumtimes I don't satisfied with the result and butcher his pride, and he went ballistic, and we fight again.. but we find out our own mistake, we forgive each other easily.. and that's just the way we connected.

he best part of him, sumtime I could go prank with him and teasing people, do stupid stuff,talk sarcasm and joke around about people..

so once when we done some prank I laugh and tell him..

me : just like partner in crime eh?
him: *laugh* what ? you and me?
me: yeah..
him.: that is the best word I ever hear to describe our relationship..*giggle*

look at me with devilish eyes.. I look back at him

and we both laughed hard..

damn that feel so nice..

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