Friday, March 27, 2009

Arrogant Face

Im not a fan of facebook..
I made my own facebook yeaaars ago.. but never updated it, I hate it because every time I go to the site, all Im doing is click the ignore option..

I dont like all the tags and the invite..and its so much wasting time to clean up the facebook inbox.. same as my email.. now its full of letter from person who try to add me as their friend.. :( its weird because sumtimes I dunno who the hell the person is.. they are not my friends and I dunno about them at all.

last night.. My cousin came, and he sleep at my house... and we talk about lotsa thing till midnight. one of the conversation is about the facebook, we have the same age.. so we kinda close to each other, but because next month he will stay at Kalimantan because of his work, so its gonna be hard for us to keep in touch.. hes kinda protest about why I never use my facebook, even when I have internet connection at my house..

he said if I use face book, we still can chat around and stuff, and keep up with our newest information, I told him the reason,how I hate if I made a comment in facebook every single stranger on my friend list will knew about it..
what? no privacy at all?

I wanted to keep my personal information only to my precious one.. and I hate if some stupid stalker track me down to my family and took our photo album in the internet like its happen before in the past.. :(

but my dearest cousin keep pushing me. and gave me wonderful suggestion..
lets erase all the stranger friend shall we?.. and keep the Facebook account for private and close friend only..that will solve the problem rite?

yeah well... that sure solve the problem..
but now people will even more think that Im an arrogant and egocentric, a snob and big headed bastard..

like hell.. I might be arrogant and a snob, but I will keep my precious family, friends, and lover keep with me..
this face of mine.. will be always mine and for private use only..


runrunphii qhiichan said...

karna sayah ga jago bahasa londo , jadi sayah komen pake bahasa indonesah aja yak ?!

aku juga tadinya nda' suka ama pesbuk . eh malah ketagihan . hihihi . :D
aku juga ngeapprove cuma orang orang yang bener bener aku kenal aja . paling temen temen deket , sodara , sama temen temen blogger deh . hehehe .

nge-ignore orang ?! sering sekali li li banget nget nget ..
hauhauhau .
*kucing jahat*

Archie-The-RedCat said...

iyah tapi kan udahnyah jadi merasa bersalah.. >_<;

apalagi yang nge add gak berenti2..

sekarang friendlistnyah cuman 26 orang.. moga2 tetep segituh..

sayah mah nggak mauk sombong sebenernyah.. ntar kena hydrocephalus alias besar kepala..
kan gak keren.. >_>

macangadungan said...

hahhh..enak bgt frenlistnya cm 26 XDDD
gue malah saking ga peduli ama fesbuk, smua org yg ngeadd gue approve kcl om-om :P

btw, tertarik mau punya ga nih?

senangnya archie punya blog X3