Sunday, March 8, 2009

I've been from Heaven and come back..

Ive been from Heaven and come back..

Okay that sound hyperbolic..

well actually, yesterday I came to heaven on earth, in Indonesia exactly, Cibodas, West Java..

Its started a week ago when me and My friend browsing about Sakura Tree that grow in Indonesia, and there it is on Cibodas Botanical garden, but the blossom season is over, so we have to wait until September, and we just browsing what kinda place Cibodas Botanical garden is, while browsing we kinda feel shock with how amazing the place is from the photo on Wikipedia.. and spontaneously we scream LETS GO THERE!!

and yesterday we sure did!
8 in the morning we go using Toyota APV, 8 people including the driver , me, Aulia, Lan Alexia, Melody, Apouy La Jollie,Yohanes, And Omupied.

the trips fine, no traffic jam, we very much enjoy the view.. we are all chatterbox and made the crowd in the car.. we sure have fun! XD
and few hours later, we land our foot in the gate of Cibodas botanical garden, we pay the ticket for
Rp. 15.000 for car
Rp. 2000per head for taxes
Rp. 6000 er head for entry.

and its so beautiful landscape we cant stop WOOWing the whole place..
like totally a bunch stupid people that never saw a forest before
we said WOOOW, UWEEEEE, HUAAAAH, OMG,here and there..

and I think that we just land our foot on shire and hobbiton

we found a river that super clean and fresh, and yeah it so damn cooooldddd.. its like a water from refrigerator.. but so cold that I just want to jump in and have a bath!

we walk deep into the forest, and found the hills where teletubies live, we surely hunt them down until the telletubies scream for help and run for their lives..

to bad, we dont catch them for souvenir.. damn..

at noon, we stop by on rivendell to chat with the elves,the elves are very pretty and wise, they said we cannot disturb the creature in the area even if its only a teletubbies, they said that nearby there is a dragon nest inside the cave, we have to stay quiet so we don't wake up the dragon

the journey continue and we pass a very pretty area such as

Little Water fall

A big pond where Ophelia committed her Suicide

Cactus garden

and in the middle of the forest, we found out a treasure that are so amazing and beautiful!! guess what it is?
Its a sakura treeeeee!!!

the sakura all ready fall, but we found that there is one flower that haven't fall..
this flower is waiting for us to come...
how sweeeet

we are surely happy we start to jump around and roll over! we climb the tree and eat our bentou under the tree to.

the weather is nice, the air is nice, and the view is amazing!!! we are totally happy!!
but we cant stay there forever, its getting late and dark, so we have to go home *sob

bye2 sakura tree, bye-bye, elves and dragon, bye bye botanical garden, I think we are going to go there again in september.. :)

but next trip is going to Batu Karas beach to meet the mermaid.. yipiii!!


irvan said...

eta aya lelebut nangkel di pohon! :p

Archie-The-RedCat said...

kakaka kucing jejadian tuh..