Sunday, May 12, 2013

Magical Forest step by step

earlier I saw some picture in Tumblr about flooding forest in amazon.
its very beautiful and magical its inspire me to make some painting about flooding forest.
I want to make painting that makes people say
gee I wanna swim there..

the idea are very spontaneous, I'm working on with colors and not from sketch like usual
maybe that what people call muse?
you just draw and forget everything else, technique, concept etc..
I made this pic 3 days in Photoshop and neglected all my works.. *A*
Im so sorry my dear client, I just cant help it

also I draw this for my self after I having art block and depression for over 2 month.
I want to celebrate it with making paintings just to make sure I still can draw lol
also I dedicate this for the person who always support and keep me learning how to paint.
thank you so much ^^

anyway here are the steps, enjoy guys :)

The Details.

Thank you for viewing :)