Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wolf Girl Step by Step

this is for some commission DA
as usual, I done everything on Illust studio if its comes to coloring in anime style, except the sketch that I done manually. and editing the color composition on Photoshop.
well here you go

you can see the finished piece HERE

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hakama for Nalika

Its been a while since I post something to this blog.
this one is another sewing project for my dear Nalika.
a Hakama Set, enjoy ^^

Thank you for Viewing!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving Forward!

happy b'day to me!!!! LOL
haha, well not today.. I'm  having a b'day in 31 march actually,
the more older you are I feel that you want to forget your b'day *A*
and slowly your body and your stamina show some change...
but hey!! I'm not that old..
and some said that Age are only a concept.

also about my last rants, I'm still torn in two, but I just cant make that kind of problem drag me and make me neglected my client right? I just have to moving forward,and do something about it,
I know I cant do 2 things in the same time, so why not make some schedule?
this day for drawing stuff, that day for sculpting stuff..
also will trying  to avoid to much opening  BJD website and news..
wich is kinda hard because my DA , Blog , Tumblr, Facebook are filed with BJD notification..
that will be a reason for me not to open them so I can be more concentrate with my works..

I do not want to let go of my dream, even if there is new dream coming invading my heart
I sacrifice to much to be in this position.. I wont let it go that easily.
I will keep making comic, pursue my dream, publishing comic and making artbook.
someday, you'll see.