Tuesday, November 15, 2011


so beside making comic project for commission, I also make webcomic now.
its start for my own pleasure... I draw it only using pencil and tone.
but after doing 20 pages Im planing sumthing more serious for this comic.

but of course I need people feed back to make it come true.

the webcomic it self are tittle Hope : Blinded Soul.
right now its still on chapter 0 and ongoing . but I hope there will be more in the future :)

Synopsis :
when desperate human crying for help for their wish to come true..
so bad  they  ready to trade their soul.
thinking God doesn't come  to answer the prayer.
a Demon come instead to make their wish come true..
but of course ...not for free.

 klick HERE to go to the webcomic
 klick HERE to go to the webcomic
 klick HERE to go to the webcomic
 klick HERE to go to the webcomic
 klick HERE to go to the webcomic

Sunday, October 30, 2011

scrible and doodles

no matter how busy I am.. I always try to spend sometimes to draw.. but sad thing is.. most of the are digital art..
I used to say how I mist my traditional art.. but why I just saying those, why if I really  miss drawing with water color Im not pick up my brush and start to draw? why???
the answer to that is..
im to lazy.. =_=a damn..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea party Commission step by step

since monday I dont have any internet connection in my work place (right now Im on my parents house )
its because there some bugs in the sysytem so I cant use my internet although I already paid, I already complain to the Internet provider, they said they trying to work on things, but I dunno when I be able to use my internet.
oh well.
its okay, now I can be more concentrate with my work.
right now Im working on 1 children storybook, 3 comic project, and 1 commission.
for the commission today finnaly Im be able to finish it (so now its out from the list )
 here are the steps:
for this commission, Im using Illuststudio, because Im new at this program so this is an opportunity  to learn. a new tools, first of course I make the sketch traditionally with pencil, I haven't get used to sketching in digital yet after all :D

new layer, and I just inked the file, the preasure and the lines that this programs produce are really-relly lovely, its dosent take a long time for me to falling in love with the lines, everything are just perfect with what I want.

after the inked process is done, I just using a wand tools and make the basic color for this pic.Im just using the pen (ctrl+p)

with big water color brush, I just  using random colors that gonna make the  the colors stand out more. you can see the diferent right?

and after that, I just make another layer, and make the shading with pen tools, the result are solid colors just like a cell shading. I have to learn more how to shading with this kinda of style but I thinnk the result are not bat at all right? 

and here are the close up  view :

you can check out the result HERE

thank you for reading ^^

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Children Story Book

last month I've got another children storybook project in my hand. I dunno how the client got my email address and my name, but the client suddenly contact me and ask me to make a Buddhism Children storybook.

the opportunity they offer me are to good I just cant reject it.its kinda dangerous because at the moment when I accept the project ! already stressed up with 2 project of long comic commission in my hand.

Luckily, I be able to finish the task on time without injured the deadline. well its only 8 spread page illustration afterall. :) the client love the result and promise to comeback with a new script. I hope the upcoming script going to be smooth like this one. amen!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


every time I read post from guys at Muddy Colors, I always have strong reaction that I want to be just like them.
not only become a great artist, but a person who can inspire others.

to be inspiring , I know a person need to have some skill, a different perspective of mind and be able to share it with others people, full of creativity, energy, passion and others thing that make people gasp with awe.

do I have those thing in my self?
I think I have, but its not enough even for myself.
I dont trust my own capability to inspire others.

I have skill of course, I can draw. but Im still raw and have so many thing to learn.
do I have different perspective?
well since Im little, people always said that Im different. yesterday one of my friend check on my finger prints, and I have so many spiral pattern, she say a person with so many spiral pattern on their fingerprints are different, and have the artistic talent.
of course I believe that, I always knew Im different. but I also realize, I always try to be normal and usual.
in clothing, I try to be casual as I can be.
in crowded place, I try to be invisible and not drawing an attention.
I hate exhibition my work in real world even its necessary.
I hate being the center of attention.

in my works, I have so many ideas, but I pressure the ideas in my mind,so it will be normal as it can be.

while I know, true artist, share their vision and try make people understand, and not the opposite like me, trying to make sumthing that people understand.

now after I realize why Im doing this.

I feel Im not capable to inspire, I feel that Im not capable to be 'special' 'edgy' 'different' and 'amazing' artist.
I will always be that 'normal' 'medium' and 'casual' artist.

its really frustrating.

because deep down I want to be special to.

one of my closest friend always tell me.
that Im a creative person, I have so many ideas, but the way I interpret the ideas are so plain. and I should think more to be out of the box, and I shouldn't be scare for what other people think.

I dunno if Im scared.. I just want people understand what Im trying to say.
that's why I make art that so simple and easy to understand.

can I be like that and still be special in the same time?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Medusa, Before and after

long time ago, there a maiden that are so beautiful, her beauty make all the goddess feel jealous.
the maiden cursed to be a Medusa,her hair turn into snake, and everyone who look at her turned into stone.
including her family and her most beloved one.
torn by saddens and guilt she hide far away form the village.
living in a cave deep in the forest.
the time grew, her sadness, pain and loneliness, turn her heart into darkness.
sometimes at night, she come out from the cave and seek passerby to turn them into stone, not only people, but also animal.
her victim grew lager, and makes the Villager feel threatened and scare.

until a hero named Perseus come to the rescue and fight her.
Perseus manage to kill Medusa.
but before her death and Perseus sword touch her neck, Medusa cried
'look at me' she said with teary eyes.

Perseus look at her head who are no longer dangerous and wondering.
maybe she is not going outside the cave to make the passerby turn into stone?
maybe she just lonely?

you can view the bigger view HERE

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Step by step and details for Abroken Winter Pin up

I need a month and more to complete this piece, and to me this pic are very special because its make me fell I achieve sumthing and finally I know what Im capable of..
(taking a very long process of painting LOL )

here is the step by step works :

and here is the details of the work :

click HERE to the finish piece

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Make my Blogpost layout.

for Binangkit Intan :D
go to dashboard >design >template design.>choose transparant layout.> bacground. browse the file you want. and done, :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Management

first, let me tell you, Im suck at time management, Im a lazy ass, I keep wasting time, and until now I dunno how to be discipline and managing my time.

but hey at least I try right?

I usually post warning like 'KEEP FIFGTING!', 'GAMBATTE', how to be creative, what I shouldn't forgot and stuff on my desktop.

so I figure sumthing just to meke it more interesting.

I made this pic. I put it as my wallpaper desktop with thingsI should do. LOL

Its somehow worked for me.. but not to much LOL..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kyouki Comission.

here are the progress of Kyouki Commission, Omupied help me a lot on this pic..

Monday, June 13, 2011

Broken winter pinup WIP

Im excited wondering how the result going to be! XD

yaoi press commission, again

and this will not be the last :D

yeaaay , its good to have someone who comeback when the work is done to hire you again ^^/

Friday, June 10, 2011

the W.I.P

its update for today!

Painting Commission for Kyouki.

Painting Commission for Yaoipress.

both of them have same color scheme, and contain BL content LOL and its not a coincidence, I made them almost in a same time.. viva multitasking!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Doodle Dump

learning how to make cell shading like anime style..
Its harder that I think I dont know where to put the shading so its look catchy enough O_O;;
oh well..

Friday, May 20, 2011


another commission work for or the Yaoi press and Yamila Abraham, this time its for Beloved series.
during the progress I ask Omupied to watch my back. I mean to tell me if there's sumthing wrong about the painting.
and boy sure hes assertive, the revision are back and forth, and I wont be able to rest until the quality are fine.

compare to him, I still amateurism, but he tell me not to worry because I will become better during my progress.
the key is open to knowledge, and never stop learning.

this commission make me feel like Im breaking my bone XD its a handwork, its drained my soul, but its awesome experience.
I juts hope I cant truly be able to be better in the future.
well than here are the commission progress:

at first like always, I always provide 2 sketch

she pick sketch one, so I made the clean sketch first :

and after that, the painting progress

and here is the final result :)