Friday, October 29, 2010

Commission for Charity.

as some of you know, Indonesia are really having a hard time today.
we got nature disaster all over the place.
my home city Bandung even got an earthquake yesterday, luckily the earthquake are small and no one got injured. but the rumors said, their will be big earthquake coming ahead to my home city, that are so seriously scary.. *A*

But the condition are getting worse in Mentawai and Merapi.
Mentawai Island having so many earthquake in a day, and in 26 0cktober 2010 a tsunami flush the city, making hundreds of Victim and more people remain unknown,.

and in the next day, The Mount Merapi erupts,the hot clouds killing the people, and hundreds people refuge from their home to the safest shelter. the condition in there are pretty scary.. and I just heard from the news there are another eruption from the volcano. 3 times bigger than what happen in year 2006.

some of my friend decide to open a commission to collect a charity.
here if you want to help
Adriane Charity Commission
Osa Charity Commission
Bena Charity Commission

I also wanted to give charity commission to, but with so many piled work, I think I cant do that... ;A;

I pray for all the victim.. I hope God protect all of us.. ;A;

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raquach Commission

here is the finished pic-->Hollow Child

here is the step by step process.
Click the pic for more bigger preview.. ^^
tools : pencil sketch, anmd PainterXI
here is the sketch, made on a4 papper with pencil.

I put the sketch in different layer turn it into multiply mode,and color the back ground

choosing the colour first before I start to paint everything, just blocked the part I want with the color, becouse its a painting, I do it in one layer to make it simple.

give the shading and all.. as you can see, Im more focus on the girl side.. :P

well youi know the rest, just brush here and there,painting are sculpting and make sumthing have a 3D shape with color, its a hard thing, but doable.. just be patient.. :D

is the detail of the pic

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tukang ngeluh..

I don't have any mood to work today.. and my mind goes blank. so I decide to write a blog and see if it could help me a bit.
friend and people around me sez I should take time and rest instead of work.. maybe I get to much stress over working..
so right now I just sit around and read comic.
I hope tomorrow will be a new day for me..

tomorrow I want to go jogging in the morning, buy some fruit and some of my fave food.
I also wanted a have a sushi if I have tome to go to the restaurant.. or maybe a crab soup..

I don't have any problem in live, and everythng seem perfect and peaceful...
i don't get why I feel so bored and empty..

I think I need to read a good book.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ocktober project

this month project:
-Finishing 9 commission left.
-coloring children book from Erlangga publisher.
-Broken Winter.
-Barry project.
-local comic project.
- website?

busy.. busy.. busy....