Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tukang ngeluh..

I don't have any mood to work today.. and my mind goes blank. so I decide to write a blog and see if it could help me a bit.
friend and people around me sez I should take time and rest instead of work.. maybe I get to much stress over working..
so right now I just sit around and read comic.
I hope tomorrow will be a new day for me..

tomorrow I want to go jogging in the morning, buy some fruit and some of my fave food.
I also wanted a have a sushi if I have tome to go to the restaurant.. or maybe a crab soup..

I don't have any problem in live, and everythng seem perfect and peaceful...
i don't get why I feel so bored and empty..

I think I need to read a good book.


Celeste84 said...

you just sound worn out from all that work!!

have you read the dresden files by jim butcher? book 1 is called "storm front" :) it's a fun series! the wizard traps pixies with pizza XD

asna said...

perfect = boring
peaceful = boring

you have boring kuadrat :P

Neu said...

ealah si teteh... =A=);;