Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raquach Commission

here is the finished pic-->Hollow Child

here is the step by step process.
Click the pic for more bigger preview.. ^^
tools : pencil sketch, anmd PainterXI
here is the sketch, made on a4 papper with pencil.

I put the sketch in different layer turn it into multiply mode,and color the back ground

choosing the colour first before I start to paint everything, just blocked the part I want with the color, becouse its a painting, I do it in one layer to make it simple.

give the shading and all.. as you can see, Im more focus on the girl side.. :P

well youi know the rest, just brush here and there,painting are sculpting and make sumthing have a 3D shape with color, its a hard thing, but doable.. just be patient.. :D

is the detail of the pic

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