Thursday, September 18, 2008


yeah.. just throw up reading my very unfunny gag about my daily life..

and there's MORE
enjoy my friend

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Future May Hold

Its almost a year I join petshopbox studio
Im kinda sort of enjoy working there.. I cant enjoy it 100% cos sumthing bugging me really hard..

well becouse Im working in petshop I dont have time to making comics for my self!!
at first.. Im so happy I could finish My collage, I thought after that I could have fun with my self and start making comics and becoming a comics artist just like I planned to be..
well yeah Im having fun.. but miss the making comics part..
its been like more that 5 years since the last time I publish my own comic, it going to far!
I cant let this happend any moar!!

I gotta start making comics even if it risk my own live!!

urgh.. is that possible?for a lazy ass like me.. hehehe
I always remember the old days when Im so ambitious and so full spirited to making comics
maybe Im just getting to old..

this is not a reason ne?

well Okay.. I promise!
I will:

-finish the comics for Elex publisher
-start making comics for My indie project
-at least one day, I gotta made one page comics or gag

damn! I hope I could keep My promise
God please help me


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Archie The RedCat Addicted Sydrom

narciss in action

yeah its me.. and actually I made it for my drilling thing..
100 Driil is my practice program inspired by my brother.. the achievement is to made 100 picture to improve my skill
I choose to draw realistic.. because you see its my weakness..

and that pic is my 12 drill, imagen how bad I am when the first drill I made.. ugh.. >_>
its such along way to go.. but its not impossible rite?
I will try my best! >_<


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Guys Im not a spy
Im not a guy with the longest tie.
Im the tiniest car
Im a little bee..
Im a tiny guitar
Im anoying flee
Im A hey..hey..hey..

Guys Im not a spy.
maybe my eyes tell another lie
but Im not that flick.. to my story in mind
tell a little to you tell a little to me.. Im a hey..hey..hey
just look at me.. and you can see
just look at me Im a hey..hey.heyy


watching the sky while listening to Jalu voice and his unik and enchanted song..
god dammit i like all his song a lot!!
Im a very big fans..
but when I meet the person himself..
my knee start to shakin.. and I cant say a word..
I just stare at him..

alone in the corner...

well guys.. Im not a spy.. Im just a stalker..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hitori is my Original character
I made him first time for my assignment at collage, I have to made some children art book with my own original stories. Hitori is somewhat a sad story.. its about a little boy name Hitori, he cant grow old nor die, so he will live alone for the rest of his live.. the name Hitori means Alone.
for the assignment, Im the only student at that time who got A+ score \(^w^)/
and again at year 2005 I made Hitori become 8 pages comic, its for comic contest entries. it didn't win tough >_>
but Hitori will remain my favorite
here the complete list of Hitori comics writen in indonesia languge.. and I dont give a damn about the editing part.. sorry :D Im just to lazy.. hahahaha
maybe sumday I will post his children story to..