Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Future May Hold

Its almost a year I join petshopbox studio
Im kinda sort of enjoy working there.. I cant enjoy it 100% cos sumthing bugging me really hard..

well becouse Im working in petshop I dont have time to making comics for my self!!
at first.. Im so happy I could finish My collage, I thought after that I could have fun with my self and start making comics and becoming a comics artist just like I planned to be..
well yeah Im having fun.. but miss the making comics part..
its been like more that 5 years since the last time I publish my own comic, it going to far!
I cant let this happend any moar!!

I gotta start making comics even if it risk my own live!!

urgh.. is that possible?for a lazy ass like me.. hehehe
I always remember the old days when Im so ambitious and so full spirited to making comics
maybe Im just getting to old..

this is not a reason ne?

well Okay.. I promise!
I will:

-finish the comics for Elex publisher
-start making comics for My indie project
-at least one day, I gotta made one page comics or gag

damn! I hope I could keep My promise
God please help me


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