Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hitori is my Original character
I made him first time for my assignment at collage, I have to made some children art book with my own original stories. Hitori is somewhat a sad story.. its about a little boy name Hitori, he cant grow old nor die, so he will live alone for the rest of his live.. the name Hitori means Alone.
for the assignment, Im the only student at that time who got A+ score \(^w^)/
and again at year 2005 I made Hitori become 8 pages comic, its for comic contest entries. it didn't win tough >_>
but Hitori will remain my favorite
here the complete list of Hitori comics writen in indonesia languge.. and I dont give a damn about the editing part.. sorry :D Im just to lazy.. hahahaha
maybe sumday I will post his children story to..

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