Friday, November 13, 2009

November update

thank you for all the support, today the power went off almost all day long.. *sigh what a waste of time..
the Christmas cover is done, but with some minor revision, Ink the 9 chibis, with some minor revision to, still waiting the script from kale for broken Winter.. and I dont think I could working on 11 page comic for Ariade.. +_+ yes Celeste the eyes is to big for the tummy (dunno what the hell this phrase means anywey, but I think I get the point XD )
I have to note Ariade and gave her my apologize.. T_T shame on me.

all the update seem about a bad news eh?

well its not just a bad news, i got the good news to XD, the LUV comic doing some progress and now is heading for chapter 3..
and I really2 wanted it to be done this moth.. GOD please help meeeh T_T
I need some miracleeeeeeee

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Project!

rrrr let me seee..
-Christmas cover coloring book
-finished the LUV comic (inked 140 page, toned 190 page, make the back and front cover to )
-9 chibi commission
-11 comic page for Ariade
-next chapter of broken winter???

For LUV comic project, I wanted it to be finish in the end of this moth, is sound very much impossible, but it wont hurt me to have highs hope right.. XD, I dunno if I could spare some times for the commission tough, especially if Kale already send me the script for Broken winter.. arghhhh im going to die...X_X
but there is no time to die people! just roll as fast as I can!!

but I gotta make some work management plan or sumthing to make this work, stop fooling around and get everything serious..*sigh*
will I be able to do that?
I hope so *crossing fingers* (hey.. if my finger cross I wont be able to work! )

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Client always right?

I read from the, than NO client not always right.. especially if they ask sumthing crap and we just dont like it..

buuuut in my position.. I think I'll go what ever that suit me the best.. I mean there's are many factor to do what Clients want.. and we use discussion to.. so its win-win solution..

but sumtimes. when I get low paying jobs, I will lower my skill so the client will afford it, or maybe lower my skill just because the client really want my style look like that.

and I do it. because its the best for both of us, and for material factor, it will benefit me..
but for the other factor.. I feel like crap! =A=, my ego feel so damn hurt man.. I know I could done sumthing better but when the result are to simple for my taste Im kinda feel eww..and if the people know that Im the one who made that crap.. ugh its gonna be so humiliating..
XD hahha

but after the times flies I think I can manage that.. work in this business there is sumthing more than ego and pride as an artist.. and I should bare that..

btw 3 project are done I guess.. two more are still waiting for aproval.. but I think I could a bit more relax than before.. :D
one of the projects is a Broken Winter, you can click it to find out what it is..

and another one is this..

do you think is crapy?

its for the children coloring book, I still have to wait for the approval or maybe some revision.. I so hope there will be no revision.. *sigh.. =_=