Friday, November 13, 2009

November update

thank you for all the support, today the power went off almost all day long.. *sigh what a waste of time..
the Christmas cover is done, but with some minor revision, Ink the 9 chibis, with some minor revision to, still waiting the script from kale for broken Winter.. and I dont think I could working on 11 page comic for Ariade.. +_+ yes Celeste the eyes is to big for the tummy (dunno what the hell this phrase means anywey, but I think I get the point XD )
I have to note Ariade and gave her my apologize.. T_T shame on me.

all the update seem about a bad news eh?

well its not just a bad news, i got the good news to XD, the LUV comic doing some progress and now is heading for chapter 3..
and I really2 wanted it to be done this moth.. GOD please help meeeh T_T
I need some miracleeeeeeee


Celeste84 said...

so you have almost got the cover done, HAVE inked 9 chibis, and are making real progress with LUV...and that's BAD news? =3= forgive me if i think you're too hard on yourself!

haa eyes too big for tummy is like when you go to eat, and PILE up your plate...only to find out halfway through there's TOO MUCH food - but you have to finish even though you know it'll make your tummy hurt LOL

Archie The RedCat said...

we have phrase for that to Celeste, 'lebih besar pasak dari tiang'= the dowel is taller than pole.. Xd
its mean the same.. :D
yeah Im hard to my self because I know Im so lazy.. if im to soft, I will end up sleeping all day long thinking it will be done by it self.. XD

Celeste84 said...

i'll remember that phrase chie XD

ahh yeah i can understand that - it's sooo nice to sleep out in the sun with a soft breeze <3

o_o i guess i'm as bad as you LOL but still, i think you've done great so far! you're on a roll :)