Friday, October 30, 2009


yes, I made another BLOG, finally, all about my rants in Comic industry..only comic, and in Indonesian language only..
there maybe a gossip to about all my related client,rival and another comic artist around me.. XD haha who knows..

but that doesn't mean I will neglected this blog..:D I will be keep posting.. :D hehe after all I need a place to rant about everything.. just realize my blog hits already reach 2000.. should I celebrate it.. :p?

actually I want to posted some recipe and bento picture.. but I haven't had the chance.. (sory for everyone that already requested for the recipe )right now Im juggling into more than 5 project at once..

I read in the here that freelancer tend to take job more than he/she could afford to be done..
I think I got the same case.. +_+; *pheeew

now all I have to do is slowly finish everything all I might..step by step and pray everything is done perfectly so I can take a nap again..

after quit for my studio, I always think that I could lazy around and stuff, surprisingly Im busier than before.. :D is that a good news or bad?
who knows..(I think is a good thing because my income rising to.. XD yeaaay! )

there are some problem with my body, my shoulder hurt like hell, and now I cant drawing for fun. *i have no time.. * sob..sob..

but no time to cry,, lets rollll people!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

REVISION, again and again..

do you like revision?

I dont..

life will be so much easier without this.. *lol* naaah just kiding.. I know revision is an important part of drawing. very important indeed because its help you to make your skill and your drawing, became better and better again right?

but some time, I hate the revision, especially when it came from work.. a cheap payment work to..
I feel like.. how dare they gave me such a revision for such a low paying jobs.. *sigh*

I hate when the client cannot say what is in mind, dunno what the hell they want me to draw, just thingking, maybe this good, try this.. or no try that.. I want it like this...


seriously, made up your mind will you, and if you cannot, please describe what you want clearly so I can understand.. *geez*

aand the most upsetting part is.. the work are all been approved. but then you see sumthing wrong.. and hey.. draw it all over again will you? fix this part..

WHAT THE HEll?? why dont you just say it form the beginning if you don't like that part.. whyyy I have to fix it all over again when its all already done GODDAMMIT!??

and all you can say is sorry..sorry..sorry.. blah!
pay me more if you say you sorry..+_+


that kinda stuff really ticking my nerve.. make me upset! damn.. I know its minor revision.. but if its still continue like this, I wont cooperate anymore.. nuff said!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chrismast Coloring book

this what Im struggling to finish for this past day, a coloring book for some local publisher..

this is the fourth time they ask me to made a coloring book, that is mean, I sort of useful for them right? XD.. the payment are pretty cheap for my range, but its okay because the task are very easy, the revision some how not make me want to slap the editor (sometimes) and I can work on this at my spare time because the deadline kinda sloooow like a snail.

most of all, I can save money for bad times,or just save it for the future..

but the problem is..
(why its have to be a problen in every task I working on? ^^ I wonder.. )

the drawings and everything are so damn boriiiing.. I dont have any mood or spirit to finish this all I might.. yes I think this job is piece a cake.. and its make me bored to death..
so the process are very..very slow.. its very humiliating seeing my work progess like this, I really wanted to slam myself to the floor for being such ignorant bastard, lazy, snob, and wasting time.. this is so not professional and I dont have good work ethics..

Im so lame I want to punish my self, blame my self and my reaction and response to this job, make me not proud for what I am.

this is humiliating ..

maybe you think Im to hard to myself..
and I know sumtimes its okay to feel lazy an bla bla bla if we finding a job that we dont like and whatever..

but the problem is..

I think..
if I have the courage to take this job, than I have to be ready for all the consequence, I have to be responsible..
and I supposed to take this job seriously, and working on it as best as I could..
most of all, the job I take supposed to make me happy.. if its not.. than what is the point I take the job..
be happy RC..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

nugelo mawa runtah

in Monday I going out for a fun, like usual if Im going out.. I have to pack myself with bento.. why..? because I eat more than 2 times a day.. and if I dont pack my self with lunch.. I will make my self broke keep buying food and stuff..+_+ I guess my stomach is hollow.. XD.

first, the pack of lunch is are so ordinary, and kinda scramble you know.. than just because I browse up the bento link.. its make me kinda jealous and says.. hey.. I can do that tooo, I can make some kawai bento to and make everyone who see my bento drools up and want to try my cook.. XD (yeah Im such a show of.. )

I like to cook , and my cooking skill are somehow are passed down from my father.. (just put everything inside the cooping that look and taste good) we both hunger a lot.. and because mom go out to work.. we were deserted in or house without anything to eat..but there some ingredient in the refrigerator.. well lets make sumthing from there than.. XD

that is why I began like to cook, I cook my self when Im hungry, at midnight or early in the morning.. sometimes the cooking tasted great, but yeah, so many times it FAILED and tasted like crap.. but I still eat it .. hahahhaha

well anyway.. here is my FIRST kawai bento.. XD

its rice mold with nori, some peas, tomato and sausage, the freaking man is from potato Crockett with melting cheese inside..and the faces are from nori..
yummie? hell yeah?

its so great I wish I could married my self! hahahhahaha

Saturday, October 3, 2009


yesterday..Im going out.. I used to buy food from fast food cafe or sumthing.. and its really2 make me broke..
so I decide to pack some lunch..
but not just ordinary lunch. I pack it and make it became bento..
you know bento.. that pack of lunch that usually made by japanese people, and always came out in anime and manga?

well I made some, and try to make it look pretty and stuff.. but epic failed.. its hard man!
haha here is what I came up with..

Its omelet, rice mold with carrot, fried rice mold, cucumber, tomato, and sweet beef stew (teriyaki beef? )

this is not my first attempt to make bento, and I know its not the last.. :D
so I googling and serch for inspiration..

I found it in here..

making bento are sure hard.. but its so damn fun..
beside everybody said than the taste of my cooking is great.. seeing their face when eating my cook make me so damn Happy..

yesterday Im going to go to the dentist..just to checking out my teeth.. maybe I will pack some lunches again and eat it with my friends.. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

phanthera-spelaea Face Shoot

Detailed Face shoot from this piece
enjoy their pretty face.. :)